What is your opinion of starting the club head first on your backswing advocated by Sir Nick Faldo and Nick Price. Could you go through the process of the takeaway and how your hands are involved as well as in the downswing? To feel the natural arc of an on-plane stroke, turn your putter 90 degrees and hit putts with the toe of the putter.
If you are shanking, check to make sure that when you set up the ball is exactly in the sweet spot and that you are not aligning it with the heel.
I changed my swing about 2 months ago as I was too inconsistent, in particular, with my irons. Learn how to build proper posture in your golf stance and how to maintain it throughout your swing.
For senior golfers, the most important part of fitness is to pay close attention to is flexibility. If you are shanking, wiggle your toes when you set up to make sure you are not leaning in towards the balls of your feet. I am slowly recovering from a bulging disc in my back and have been unable to play or practice for over 10 months. When using a fairway wood off the tee should your arms be straight or slightly forward off ball?
As a right handed golfer, I am not clear where my right elbow should be when addressing the ball.
I recently had a lesson and I interpreted that at addressing the ball your right shoulder should be slightly lower at address. What is the main cause of a topped driver shot and how can I make sure it never happens again?
I read an article the other day that talked about standing more upright to hit a fade and bending more to hit a draw, does this work? It is very easy to get hung up on technique whilst out on the golf course and the ramifications can lead to poor golf!! It is very hard to work on your technique and work on producing a good score at the same time, so please stop trying to do both.

When you are out on the course you must make it your goal to “free up your mind” on technique and theory. These types of swing thoughts will most certainly help you keep your rhythm and will help keep your mind calm, making it easier for you to focus in on the target and producing a good result. Keep the main swing changes and  swing thoughts for the range as this is your “working ground” for grinding out those good changes. Even the great Jack Nicklaus scored in the 80s at one time; of course, he was only 11 years old! The following year, Jack was playing golf with his father one evening when he shot 34 on the front nine, putting him in an excellent position to break 70 for the first time. By regularly putting themselves in a position to win, overcoming fear of failure and being ready to accept success, champions dramatically increase their chances of victory. I hope you enjoyed the article, any comments or Questions then please leave a comment below.. A great drill for you to improve your ball striking is to place 2 tee pegs down either side of the golf ball, to act as a gateway. This is a great instant feedback drill for improving the quality and the centeredness of strike and therefore your distance control and accuracy.
I was so relieved and impressed with the way the professionals worked with my natural swing, rather than trying to get me to conform to some kind of method. I try stand shoulder width apart for irons where the middle of my shoulders are in line with my feet and for my woods the insides of my feet are inline with my shoulders.
Learn how to diagnose these shots by the effect on the ball and how to fix them by understanding the causes. I now have batches where I have wonderful impact and ball flight, yet on a regular basis I shank which erodes my self confidence. My backswing is fine, but once I start my transition, I have a tendency to lose my shoulder tilt and often don't get clean contact. The best players in the world will carry only just two swing thoughts in their mind, mainly just to keep the feel and flow of the swing and those swing thoughts will be dead simple – like smooth tempo or complete the backswing!! In his book, “The Greatest Game of All,” Jack describes breaking his own mental barrier when he beat “old man par”, as Bobby Jones called it, for the first time in his life.

To his dismay, as they walked off the 9th green his father congratulated him on a great nine holes and announced it was time to go home for dinner! If you hit a putt out of the toe end of the putter, the face will open on impact causing the ball to start to the right of your line and will come up short. Nick Faldo uses the pre set drill to get a feel of having your wrist completely set when your arm is parallel to the ground and then its just a matter of turning your shoulder to the top.
I have read extensively about shanks yet can't see to figure out what is wrong and despite using many drills (for example, placing a wood cover just in front of the ball) I still shank.
I have video'd my swing changes over a period of 6 months or so and the biggest issue that has plagued me is straightening the right leg during the backswing, causing the right side to get high and an over the top move. Both of them ate their food as quickly as they could swallow it and headed back to the course. If you hit it out of the heel it will close the face causing the ball to start left and also come up short. With the right leg straight, it also forces me to push off the right leg, causing early extension.
After a small amount of practise you will be finding the middle of the putter face time after time. He followed that with a 2-iron to the middle of the green, some 30 feet from the hole, just as the sprinklers came on. Making the eagle putt would give him a 69, and Jack Nicklaus seldom missed a putt that meant a lot to him. As he would do again and again during his unparalleled career when it really mattered, he rolled it in.

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