A remarkable jig saw must be capable of cutting fragile curves while also being hard enough to handle rougher straight cuts. Are you planning to purchase a new polisher to change that old style and unreliable polisher of yours? Not only that, but you need a drill that will hold a charge as long as possible and fits comfortably in your hand.With all of the cordless drill choices available today, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to compare and decide between the various models, features, and prices on drills.
Good news for you, we're here to make this decision as easy as possible for you!Let's take a look at the best cordless drills and compare their most important features.Easily compare voltage, weight, speed, price, and chuck of the most popular cordless drills.
With our sortable guide below, the time consuming task of collecting all of this data has been done for you. Compare a few drills, then just click on the name or image of the drill to dig in a bit deeper, and read the customer reviews and get the latest deal. Knowing the different features of a cordless drill and why they are important is essential to helping you decide between models.

If you don’t know what the features do or why they are important, then how can you compare them?POWERThe power of your cordless drill will have the largest impact on how fast and well your drill will work.
The voltage of the battery is what determines your drill’s power, and the voltages range from about 6 volts all the way up to 36 volts. We recommend buying a drill with a battery that is between 9 volts and 18 volts for general home repair, and a drill that is between 18 volts and 36 volts for construction professionals who need a lot more power and are going to use their drill for much heavier uses.
Another thing to consider is that drills with higher voltages are heavier, making them a bit harder to hold for an extended time.CHUCK SIZEThe chuck size is the width of the part that holds the drill bits or screwdriver heads in place.
A low speed is considered 300 to 400 rpm and a fast speed is considered 1,200 to 1,500 rpm. Many drills have the capability to switch between slow and fast speed which makes them great for a wide variety of uses.
Slow speeds are great for screwing in screws, and high speeds are great for drilling.THE BATTERYThe best batteries for a cordless drill are high-capacity lithium-ion batteries.

These batteries do add a bit to the price tag, but when you consider that you’ll get 4 times as much drilling time as a standard battery. Battery charges often take hours to recharge a drill battery, so make sure that you have at least one extra so you can rotate them. A smart charger charges faster and it also avoids overcharging by slowing down as the battery charge gets full.

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