Anybody who owns a home and personally conducts their own renovation has a special tool in their arsenal, capable of being used in any number of situations: a drill.
A black and white drill, the FD02W has over 200 inch-pounds of torque in a very compact design that stands at 10.87 inches tall. This entry in Makita’s series of cordless drills offers an incredible battery life along with a four-position flashlight that allows illumination of the workplace.
With built-in LED lights and two speeds for all kinds of hammering, drilling and driving settings, the LXT218 is ultra-compact as it is less than ten inches long. A white drill, the LCT314 is a great addition to any toolkit thanks to its 9-hour LED flashlight, 800 inch-pounds of torque and a rapidly recharging battery that gets home renovators back into the game after just a short half hour.
Makita is well known for making compact drills that pack quite a punch, and the LXPH01Z is definitely no exception.
While all Makita designs can generally be considered to be compact, the RD020DSEW is one that weighs in at a mere pound to avoid the operator becoming fatigued from using it, as well as promoting lightweight portability. A well-balanced and compact drill from the revolutionary Makita, the BHP454 offers a strong foothold in the industry. Once again, Makita delivers quality without cramming technology into an overly bulky or burly drill, allowing even aging home renovators to feel comfortable carrying the drill without fear of dropping it from its weight. With this drill, Makita offers a great balance between a lightweight, portable device and a rugged drill that can power through every job without risk of falling short anywhere, capable of handling even industrial abuse on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for a lightweight cordless drill, a cordless drill for drywall, or a heavy duty cordless drill for concrete or brick, Makita has something for everyone with this top 10 selection of best Makita cordless drills. Also don’t forget to take a look at all our power tool reviews and see the reviews about the Makita power tools. The new Makita BDN500  cordless brad nailer is currently only announced for the international market, and there has been no word as to whether it will be released in the USA. With battery powered tools – it may be more about what platform you have bought into than about who has the best design. I’ve bought four Makita 18v tools on Amazon and had them shipped over to South Africa.
Just make sure you don’t try and use the smaller capacity batteries on tools that require serious power. At the same time I ran this test on the Makita, I also ran an older Dewalt cordless brad nailer using the exact same nails. Makita’s compact 18V batteries charge in 15 minutes (!!), and the extended capacity ones in 30 minutes. I am looking for an 18volt battery for cordless drill, task force, b9018 18v or a compatible battery.
Getting a cordless drill makes it even easier to use and allows its user to carry it around from place to place with ease, making renovations in parts of the home even when there is currently no outlet to plug in the tool. The drill features an LED light to help illuminate the work area for maximum efficiency in any work space. A half-inch driver-drill, the LCT300W offers two speeds to help deliver 480 inch-pounds of torque to any project on a home.

Though it can take a little bit longer than average to charge, this Makita drill packs a rather lengthy battery life to prevent home renovators from having to take breaks from their projects too frequently. Weighing in at only four pounds and eight inches in length, this hammer driver-drill delivers 480 inch-pounds of torque and runs between two variable speeds up to 1,500 RPM. The quarter-inch hex chuck is quickly ejected from its position, and the battery is remarkably energy saving as it lasts for over two and a half times the typical cycle, even with the built-in LED light illuminating the work area. A small switch quickly engages the different hammer, drill and driver modes, as opposed to the competitor’s drills that require turning a dial and taking up too much time that could otherwise be spent working on a home renovation project.
Additionally, it comes with an LED light designed to illuminate the work area, staying on as long as the user needs it to rather than having it turn off after just a few short seconds. With 450 inch-pounds of torque delivered through the eight inch, four pound drill, Makita definitely hit a good stride with this hammer driver-drill, making it a great purchase no matter what kind of project one will need it for. You can be assured that your DIY project will be finished in no time flat with this selection of great cordless drills by Makita.
The new compressor, like the Craftsman Speedshot brad nailer, Ryobi Airstrike brad nailer, Ryobi Airstrike stapler, and Ryobi Airstrike finish nailer, and not too unlike the Senco Fusion nailer, features built-in air compression technology. On the optimistic side of things, the configuration of the nailer and its narrow top potentially means easier precision nail placement.
Does anyone know if I were to buy the tool there would it be compatible with the 18 volt batteries I have at home? The only difference should be in the battery chargers, which would match local AC line voltages, frequencies, and plug form factors. The airlines and couriers won’t ship Lithium Ion batteries so I just bought those locally together with a 220v charger. Prior to purchase I had read many different reviews on it, and unfortunately, the reviews that had the best information in them have turned out to have been the bad reviews that it received.
The Dewalt set every nail, and while it did not set the nail heads as deep into the hardwood as it did the softwood, it did set them consistently to the same depth. The inconsistencies in the tools ability to set a nail in hardwood were a bit baffling as I was testing in a clear piece of hardwood with approximately 16 to 20 rings per inch. The LXFD01CW features 480 in-lb max torque delivery, 2-speed all-metal gear transmission with 0-400 and 1-1500 RPM ranges, 16+1 setting clutch, a built-in LED worklight, and rapid charger. While I am usually more a fan of slimmer handles, I find this drill’s fuller handle and varied texture to be quite comfortable to grip.
You could have the batteries rebuilt or you could try to do it yourself is the only other option if you want to keep the drill.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Makita is one company that has made a profound presence in the industry, offering several different drills for homeowners to pick from depending on their needs. As the speeds and name suggests, this is the perfect drill for all kinds of drilling, hammering and driving situations for all kinds of projects. Makita uses premium grade steel for their gears and 97% pure cooper for the magnetic wire for current flow.

If you are looking for a light weight drill for simply hanging pictures and other light weight, I would go with the 9.6 volt. When I was working we probably had 100+ Makita 18V tools and double that number of batteries.
Seems to me it is just the charging system that is different and not the batteries, but what do I know? But I don’t use it enough to really justify buying this to replace it, just to use the same batteries. Seems like just an in-between gimmick to get hardcore air-tools only people to adopt a cordless nailer prior to everything going airless. It is very bottom heavy and holding to tool horizontally for any length of time would tire one out much sooner than if you were using a different tool.
Very few drills can be considered perfect for any kind of job, but the LXPH01Z may just be one of those, making this one of the top Makita cordless drills.
So buying one or more of these for punch-list jobs to replace our Paslode impulse brad nailers would have been a likely thing to do. I made certain that the depth setting was on the deepest possible before starting and then began on a piece of doug fir. It simply does not perform well enough in the variety of materials a professional might run into on a daily basis to make it worth any consideration. The tool just would not set the brads to a consistent depth and was very random in the depth it did set them to.
The 14.4 volt cordless drill is great for a home owner looking for more power to handle most things around the house, including some light carpentry work.
On this piece of soft wood the tool worked as advertised setting every nail at full depth, but when I tried the nailer on a piece of white oak, the results were not so good. It operates at about the same speed as the single nail setting and does not offer enough of a speed increase to make it worth having as an option. In other words, when activated, it still requires that the tool cycle up before firing the nail when you apply pressure to the tip. The length of brad used is well within the manufacturers specs for operation and the tool failed to deliver. The design of the Dewalt tool, in comparison, allows a rapid bump fire when set to continuous mode. Makita offers a variety of cordless drill options and you should decide on the job function of the drill.

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