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Can I use VS2010 TFS Power Tools PowerShell cmdlets to directly get the contents of a Source Control file into a variable?

How can I change what user connects to TFS when using TFS power tools 2012 shell extensions? This is a relatively unsatisfactory list, however.  What if you want to subscribe to all work items changes of those on your sub-team or all work items that are Critical? It should not matter which tool is used to modify the item since TFS maintains the test cases. Over the years I have engaged with many different software teams and have witnessed success and failure.

As far as I know these would be the oonpits: Purchase a trial or practice exam (I do not know of any for this exam) Attend one of my courses listed in the blog post (costs money) Print the exam preparation guide from the Microsoft Website and self study each of the key topic areas using the free information available on the MSDN Library website.

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