The figure above is of the horizontal spindle, reciprocating table type, as detailed below.
August 12, 2013 by ToolDude Reciprocating saws can work through a large variety types of materials including wood, steel, aluminum, to concrete and drywall. This saw has an 8.5 amp motor that gives power to cut through wood, metal, and plastic to name a few. The saw has an ergonomic design and a soft grip that allows you to handle it for a long period of time without fatigue. See more similar tool pages here:Best Jig Saw Reviews 2014-15What are the Best Hand Tools for Beginners?

The lever action keyless blade clamp allows easy blade changes and it has a pivoting adjustable shoe. It has a lever action blade clamp that is keyless and allows you quick and easy blade changes.
It has a lightweight design and comes with dual LED lights that help when you are working in dark areas.
Depending on your needs will determine which tool fits you best as they offer multiple features and are inexpensive. This item is very lightweight at less than 6 pounds and it offers a four position blade clamp that increases versatility.

It has a soft grip that helps minimize any vibration while working and a quick clamp for easy tool free blade changes. A three year limited warranty comes with this item at time of purchase along with a one year of free service. This saw needs a batter and a battery recharger, but it is not included with the saw and you have to purchase it separately.

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