The J310 Tabletop Band Saw by Food Machinery of America has a 78.75 inch blade with an anodized aluminium chassis and stainless steel table assembly that affords quick clean up. Standard common carrier delivery options cover the cost of getting an item to your shipping address but our White Glove delivery service does that and more!The White Glove agent will call to schedule a delivery appointment within a four hour window, which gives you the flexibility to work around your busy schedule and to prepare the space where your item will be placed.
Quickly, easily, and precisely cut slabs of meat with this 20" x 35" tabletop vertical band saw!
The MSK Tabletop Band Saw by Food Machinery of America offers fine cutting accuracy and ease of use. The Tabletop Band Saw by Food Machinery of America is a high-efficiency band saw that makes cutting frozen meat fast and convenient.
We Accept Company and Government Purchase Orders!The Preferred Packaging PP-880I is a compact tabletop horizontal band sealer that can be used on almost any table, desk, workbench or countertop.

This machines comes set up in the horizontal configuration but can easily be converted to a vertical configuration for an extra $150.00 (as seen in included photo). Upon delivery, trained professionals will unload your item from the truck, bring it into the room of choice, unpack the item and remove all packaging debris from the premises.Please note that White Glove delivery will typically add 5 - 7 business days to your order's transit, and only includes 30 minutes of on-site time. The new and improved Rockwell Blade Runner X2 (RK7323) is a compact, easy-to-use table-top saw designed to cut wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic tile. When it comes to purchasing Milwaukee band saws, there are many options depending on the task at hand.
With features like a built in conveyor and a standard embossing attachment, this unit is the best value in a light duty band sealer on the market today. Its cast aluminum body guarantees rugged durability in a relatively lightweight construction, while its stainless steel table is built for long-lasting performance under regular use.

Sealing temperature is controlled with a solid state temperature controller, and seal cooling is accomplished with a forced air fan.
The right-feed conveyor itself is 7" wide and it is excellent for light to medium-volume packaging. Call today for a distributor in your area or to arrange for a sealed sample of your product.
The control panel lets you adjust the temperature to accommodate bags of different thicknesses.

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