SWS Horten, developed putting the best effort and eventually released by Zoukei-Mura is finally yours! According to the development concept the SWS has followed so far: from the structure to the mechanism, from the cockpit details to the engine, to every part of the landing gear, more detailed than this is probably impossible! I wish that you, still looking at it, made it part of your collection; this is the revolution of scale models, SWS Horten kit!! When you talk about an SWS kit, you should never forget the "SWS Concept Note" opportunely edited and released along the release of the SWS Series. I think you already have one or 2 books among your precious documents; oh no, I guess there is also somebody who got all the Concept Notes, from Shinden, going through ta 152, Mustang, Skyraider, Uhu and Raiden. This time too, for this Horten Concept Note we have made an abundant use of pictures and data of the actual machine, collected at the Smithsonian Museum, where we received full cooperation. The production review is signed by Zoukei-mura's member, Master Naoki Kobayashi, Radu-san from Ireland, Thomas-san from Germany, talented modelers who gave a detailed, fine and challenging review. 3 people, 3 airplanes, 3 incredibly expert modelers have splendidly brought to life 3 awesome models. These 3 experts have made the real beauty of the SWS kit come out, thanks to their skills and expressive power.
Zoukei-mura has spared no pain building this new Horten kit; this marvelous "mysterious wing", the Horten will be shown too you the best way possible, from complex, "dizzying" pipe-frame, to the oulsing heart of the Horten, the two Jumo engines.
Patiently, without hurry, slowly from East to West, you will see the true nature of Japanese Zoukei-mura, the new model-maker that produced the Horten.
He's the only SWS Master responsible for the complete kits, from SWS Shinden to the Horten.

Furthermore, the complete Horten made by Kobayashia€“san is now exposed in Tokyo Akihabara, at the 8th floor of Radio Kaikan - Volks Hobby Square Akihabara, scale models corner showcase. In addition, we'll bring the Horten to the IPMS Telford (November 8th and 9th) and exhibit at Zoukei-mura's booth. As you can see, delicate and undaunted, the fantastic work by Radu-san reproduces the charm of Horten in every single aspect.
A complete, fully commented, impressive Horten where you can see all his passion and his high-skills, and the "German feeling". If you're living in Germany, try to search which event he is attending and praise his Horten.
No need to say that the main attraction of this year at Zoukei-mura's booth will be this Horten and its featured release. I'm 67 now and is it was the Horten, I'd be running away even though I7d be riding on a tank! Since we wouldn't like to hear those words again, this time we have prepared everything without accepting advanced reservations. No.002 Ta152 episode 02 Using plastic, that magicalmaterial,I wont to create a real airplane!
No.009 Ta152 episode 09 The time that Ta 152 fans worldwide have been waiting and waiting for has finally arrived. No.038 Uhu episode 01 For all of our SWS fans and Uhu fans, I have an apology and an announcement!
No.042 Uhu episode 05 Finally, the long-awaited SWS kit, "He 219 Uhu," has started shipping, in order by reservation!

No.048 Extra episodeV Welcome to JOINT FESTIVAL of our company that will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Volks Inc!! We reproduced a unique kit containing all the charm of the overwhelming Horten, without leaving anything undone!
Moreover, interesting reviews from famous modelers; Zoukei-mura, with its proverbial carefulness, comments its Horten kit on the base a full dissection.
We met Radu-san just at the IPMS Telford in England; since then, he's become our cooperator and gave so many ideas and support. Heidi, at IPMS Telford; from then on, he has helped us so much for the development of German Planes. You can really buy the plastic kit, this SWS Horten, orthodoxly and precisely realized, that will let you know the real nature of its maker, Zoukei-mura.
For this Horten too, from the test shot until the released version, he has already taken care of 6 kits. The complete kit you can see in these pictures will also be exposed at IPMS Telford (November 8th and 9th) at Radu-san's booth.
All the writings on the fuselage of the actual machines, meaning and pronunciation of hard-to-get German words and much more; the precious assistance given by Thomas-san has been also used in the production of the decals of SWS based on German Aircraft.
You may also try to ask him about this build, his work and his art and other hard luck stories.

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