S&W's new king pin bushing removal and installation tool makes changing these bushings a snap!
With this carpet extractor accessory package you receive the 10a€? Collapsible Stainless Floor Wand and the Stainless Crevice Tool! Additionally you receive one gallon of our famous Extractor Soap and one quart each of our Extractor Defoamer and Mytee System Maintainer! These are the ideal extractor accessory's for cleaning large open areas of SUV's, vans, buses and limousines even small offices and rooms at home.
For those of you who already have the correct reamer, this kit can be purchased without the reamer (search part # 35-099)  King pins and bushing sold separately.

Ideal accessory for cleaning large open areas of SUV's, vans, buses and limousines; even small offices and rooms at home. This tool will allow the professional detailer to provide a more proficient carpet cleaning services and get the job done faster.
Learn Morea€? Mytee Crevice Tool - this tool can attach onto any Mytee Extractor and has a comfortable grip for ease of use.
Never worry again about those narrow spaces and hard to reach areas because they are no longer difficult to clean with Mytees quality stainless steel 3a€? Crevice Tool. With a quality brass spray jet and stainless steel construction, the 8700 Crevice Tool resists cracking, and is far superior to plastic tools.

Learn MoreChemicals Included:a€? Extractor Defoamer (1 qt) - keep foam and suds to a minimum in the extractor recovery tank by dispense a few ounces of our Extractor Defoamer directly into the recovery tank. Learn Morea€? Mytee System Maintainer (1 qt) - is a chemical maintainer used to keep tanks and plumbing free from soap & scum build-up. Learn Morea€? Extractor Soap (1 gal) - is a component specific, low foaming, high pH, super concentrated fabric and carpet cleaning solution that can be used either as a traffic area cleaner or sprayed onto the surface that is to be extracted to quickly break-down dirt & grime.

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