Instead, while I cut and bundled all the maple branches and sawed the trunk into neat logs, I was enjoying peace and quiet — and the voice of Kenny Loggins singing.
Since then, those two have come back momentarily, but this morning a brand new earworm dislodged them both — an earworm of the highest, most maddeningly absurd order. A freelance web developer in Kenosha and Racine, Wisconsin since 1996, I also do video production and photography, watch movies, read books, and play guitar. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For the past 30 years, Tools-Plus has committed itself to carrying the best hand tools, power tools, woodworking machinery, and accessories like the Stanley 20-045 15" 9pt Fat Max Hand Saw above. Because we get such good deals, we must reserve the right to limit quantities from time to time. The Stanley Sharpcut is a heavy-duty saw with hardened teeth ground on three edges for faster, easier cutting and a longer working life.

The Stanley Fine-cut Sharpcut Saw has with hardened teeth ground on three edges for faster, easier cutting and a longer working life. The Stanley FatMax fine cut handsaws have a bi-material handle screwed and ultrasonically welded for comfort and security. The Stanley 70-713 folding saw horse has a robust polypropylene structure which holds up to 450kg per pair. The weather is perfect, all the windows are open, and I want to be a little considerate about inflicting my playlist on my neighbors.
Not only is this new tune a horrible and catchy song in its own right, it also leeches its tawdry lyrics onto the already exasperating Yuletide season without the slightest hint of shame.
It's free and it takes just a minute.Download the latest version of Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer. Either way, you should see some reputable retailers on your new Hand Tools items on this page.

Also, sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy the natural sounds of chirping birds and the backing-up alerts of nearby trucks. However, music still finds a way to hog-tie my brain in these moments of solitude — and not just any music, but very short snippets of the excruciatingly annoying stuff. I refer, of course, to the common earworm, the phenomenon of irritating music fragments getting stuck in one’s head. I felled two sizeable scrub maples that had grown up through the shrubs in our west border.

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