ExplanationThis soccer drill is designed to allow the players to dribble with the ball and change direction.
Finally, the fourth and final variation we cover in this article is to change the drill if you have a lot of players (more than 12). TOP-SOCCER-DRILLS assumes no responsibility related to or associated with any injury caused by use of the soccer drills or other soccer related information on this site!
This drill has both aspects and can be changed to suit the needs and abilities of your players.

For the coaches who don’t know the drill, the diagram below shows the basic form of this drill. This drill only really works if you have 8 or more players but could be adapted to suit less (for example using three outside cones instead of four).PreparationTake a look at the diagram below. You will need five cones laid out with one cone in the middle - hence the name of the drill.
We have a player without the ball at each of the far cones, two players without a ball at the middle cone and the rest of the players with ball at the starting cone.

You will need an equal amount of players behind each outside cone and a ball each to allow for progressions later (less can be used to begin with).
We pass the ball to the center player, who turns with the ball and plays the ball to the player at the far cone.

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