The Chinese-made tool fits over the lip of the pulley and a special bolt holds it in place.¬†When the tool is in place you can rotate the belt onto the pulley in tight quarters without twisting the belt. In some cases, it’s easier to remove the alternator to release serpentine belt tension than to get a wrench or ratchet on the belt tensioner. We came across the sad story of a Snap-On distributor — they’re independent, remember? Snap-On Tools valued at about $25,000 were stolen in a burglary discovered Tuesday morning on the property of a Snap-On distributor in the town of Pamelia, according to state police.
Stolen hand tools include wrench sets, drill bit sets, four 18-volt cordless impact wrench sets with cases and batteries, a tool bag, and a child-size Red Rider wagon having the Snap-On logo. Snap-on is preparing for Father’s Day by offering a Gift Buying Guide on their website.
Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments. Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues.

Featured Hot Rod graphics are part of the limited edition design and are holographic, very shiny. Selling as I don't plan on keeping it, would rather move it on to someone that will appreciate what it is. But I was even more surprised to find Snap-On as one of the brands touted among the Father’s Day deals on Amazon.
Ignoring the lamentable decision-making process that spawns such folly, there is a workaround.
You could easily under-price this jewel of an ass-rest by picking up a Snap-On keychain, or even a single socket (or two if you chose carefully).
They grip like mad, their edges are nearly flush with the part they retain, and the heads tend to pop off when you pull on them. A161B is designed for GM cars and most imports, making it the most widely-applicable model.
The 8-page guide includes a wide array of hand tools, from wrenches to sockets to hammers, and it lists the promotional Father’s Day sale prices.

I first saw very low-profile bars like these at a Tuffy where I worked, and everyone in the shop borrowed it almost every time they had to release a serpentine belt on a transverse-mounted engine.
But are people really willing to pay 75% more for a tool just to have it come in red and black and show up via the tool van? The owner probably wasn’t too happy with us, but the photo above shows why the pseudo-thefts were necessary. And unless you plan on building your own, $100 flat isn’t really that bad for a fancy seat like this one.

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