We just learned that Dewalt will soon be coming out with a new 12″ sliding compound miter saw, model DWS782. We reviewed and recommended the DWS780 sliding miter saw a while back, and aside from hearing about a few incidents of rough bearings and guide rails, the DWS780 has proven to be a very good saw that is generally well regarded. The images we’ve seen of the DWS782 saw do show that an XPS LED module is present, but it looks like maybe the images are reused from the DWS780.
Right now the DWS780 is priced at $590 via Amazon, and the new DWS782 is priced as low as $399.
If you are on a tight budget, the DWS782 should provide similar performance to the DWS780 but with between $100 and $200 extra left in your wallet.
At $400, the DWS782 seems like a great buy, but without the LED shadow lighting of the DWS780, it loses some of the advantage and appeal it has over competing models. While the DWS782 lacks the LED module, the amount of money saved could mean a very nice high quality blade, or maybe even 2 blades. As much as I want to fight it, spending the extra money for a premium third party blade will probably do a lot more to improve cut quality and saw performance than the DWS780’s XPS LED module.
If you don’t need the cutting capacity of the DWS782, then there are good reasons to go with a smaller, lighter, less expensive 10-inch model. I just got off the phone with Dewalt customer service, and I’m kind of surprised nobody else has noticed. 3) The LED system takes power independently(If you like you can power it on from an independent power cord or tap into the one coming to the switch).
Online price shows $399, but if you call the store and give them the SKU number, SKU# 917666, they can tell you the price plus inventory on hand. Makita has just announced that they will be adding a new cordless miter saw to their 18V LXT cordless tool lineup. The miter range is 0-47° left and 0-57° right, and the saw bevels 0-45° left and 0-5° right. The saw also features an electric brake, and it is compatible with Makita’s full-size jobsite miter saw stand, model 195083-4. Street price for the saw itself (LXSL01Z) is about $600, and the kit including a rapid charger and 2 batteries is about $800. Update: Makita has confirmed that the top handle is for carrying the saw when in its locked position. It is also interesting to see that Makita strayed from the common horizontal handle design most miter saw manufacturers go with. The saw comes with a 40T carbide-tipped blade, hold-down clamp, dust bag, extension wings, required wrenches.

While larger saws, such as the excellent Dewalt DWS780, sometimes have added top-mounted carrying handles, many miter saws are meant to be carried from the sides.
With the vertical handle and trigger configuration, it almost looks like Makita’s first prototype for this saw was a circular saw mounted to an otherwise common-looking sliding miter saw base. Makita have been making miter saws with this pistol grip style for years (but not the top handle bit) for the UK market and here the pistol style handle has been much more common than the horizontal style for most brands. I actually think the vertical handle on this is closer to Makita’s traditional miter saw designs other than the few that they had released over the last couple of years.
I love my LS1016, but this would certainly have made my decision harder if it had been on the market when I was looking last year.
It’s mostly due to a lack of personal familiarity and lack of visibility in the woodworking forums I visit and magazines that I read.
Their early 10″ miter saws were quite a bit better than the competition in those days. I purchased a LS1013 in 2003; it was the best sliding miter saw available at that time and that one is still performing well(with an Everlast MT1080 Blade). Dewalt saws are good for decking, framing and siding; not great for cabinetry or fine woodworking. That said, i’ll wait till the reviews are out (any by then there might be some decent deals on refurb models). Makita has for a long time provided a number of tools pretty well associated with carpentry and even timber framing. Dewalt never got back to us about whether there was any way to smoothen up the DWS780’s sliding motion when fully extended, but perhaps this is an area the DWS782 improves upon. A Dewalt sales representative has confirmed that the DWS782 will NOT feature the XPS cut-line projection module. If the pricing is accurate, then it looks like the DWS782 could very well be intended as a lower-cost alternative or replacement to the DWS780.
But, to be frank, the integrated XPS LED cut-line shadow system is a very nice feature, and one that could be worth the added premium of the DWS780. It’s worth noting though, On the dws780 this is a very cool standard feature, and on a lot of their other saws, you could put this on as an accessory. If there are no other under-the-hood changes, it’s probably still going to be a great high-capacity sliding miter saw. I’ve never used the 780, so I cannot really compare, but I have used a few others, including Festool Kapex. The only (tentative) complaint I have with it so far after making several cuts, is the recoil.

I cannot dig up a link at the moment, but you should be able to find a downloadable user manual on Dewalt’s site. I just double-checked a comparison checklist that a sales rep sent me a while back, and the only noted differences are that the DWS782 is built without XPS LED compatibility and ships with a lesser blade. I called mine and they told me the price and said they had 3 in stock, and sure enough there were 3 on the top shelf in the tools dept.
This won’t be the first cordless miter saw on the market, but it looks like it might be one of the most compact and feature-rich. Instead, Makita engineers built the new LS1018 miter saw with a sort of pistol-grip vertical handle design. This is not always comfortable, which is why I find myself intrigued with what I think Makita did here.
I do like having two rails, it helps reduce the overall depth of the saw and comes in handy at times. Some years ago – I had hoped that Makita would rework their 6 inch machine into a lipping planer to compete with Hoffman, Virutex et. You can add XPS LED modules to certain saws, but the DWS782 might not have been designed to accept the ~$35 add-on. Dewalt, for the past year, has been silently eliminating this feature from their saw lines. It features a 2200 RPM motor and direct-drive gearbox, which Makita says improves cutting efficiency and reduces maintenance compared to belt drive models. Even so, their saw has an eye-catching geometry that makes it seem especially ergonomic and portable.
Cannot understand why the LED is so expensive or they know that if people know they can easily do this to other models too.
This is the single greatest feature to be added to the saw, since someone put an led on drill drivers, and impact drivers. All they need is a separate handle cover (so get an older XPS compatible model) and get its handle.

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