The DW717xps has a compact lightweight design that’s great for transporting at home or on site. The linear horizontal rails utilise bronze guides to provide maximum precision when cutting materials up to 345mm wide.DeWALT have developed an innovative grooving stop that allows the adjustment of the cutting depth for and rebating applications. Large dual sliding fences gives maximum support when cutting large material at any angle or a combination of angles, giving extra accuracy and stability.

The DW717xps includes a quick release bevel setting which provides a simple and accurate way to set bevel angles up to 48° left and right. Another useful feature is the XPS Shadow line cut indicator; this provides an accurate alignment of the blade and illuminating the material. The DeWalt DE7023 Universal Mitre Saw Stand is made from lightweight aluminium that can support up to 227kg.

The DE7023 stand is suitable for all mitre saw from the DeWALT range and is extremely portable making it great for use on site.

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