The tailstock can be used to support the end of the workpiece with a center, or to hold tools for drilling, reaming, threading, or cutting tapers. A cross slide that controls transverse motion of the tool (toward or away from the operator). Roughing tools have a small side relief angle to leave more material to support the cutting edge during deep cuts. Aluminum is cut best by specially shaped cutting tools (not shown)that are used with the cutting edge slightly above center to reduce chatter.
Cutting speed is defined as the speed at which the work moves with respect to the tool (usually measured in feet per minute).
A lathe can be used to create a smooth, flat, face very accurately perpendicular to the axis of a cylindrical part. A lathe can also be used to drill holes accurately concentric with the centerline of a cylindrical part. If the part has a very large hole through it, a lathe arbor may not be a practicable solution.

If the part has a very complex geometry, it may be neccesary to install the part onto a face plate. Coping saws are useful for making curved cuts on thinner materials around the home and shop. A coping saw uses a very thin metal blade stretched on a metal frame to make turning cuts on wood, plastic, or metal depending on the blade selected. To install a blade, set the frame's front edge on a bench and hold the handle so it is pointing up.
Home Repair Tools: Whether you prefer to use the Yellow Pages for anything that needs fixing around the house or consider yourself a regular do-it-yourselfer, there are a handful of tools that everyone should have in their tool box. Manufactured from a high-grade steel, well finished and furnished with a solid adjusting nut for fine setting. Ant Group comprises of Antistat, Acupaq, Cygna, Cyberpac and Integrity, all of which are trading divisions of ESD Control Centre Ltd.
The U-shaped frame has a swiveling spigot (clip) at each end to hold the ends of the blade.

Place the saw's central teeth on the line to be cut and push the saw in a short stroke to start the cut. Then press down on the handle to compress the frame so the other end of the blade can be attached. Most coping saws have 12 to 15 teeth per inch, though coarser and finer blades are available for specialized jobs.
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