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Player passes to coach, comes off of an imaginary down screen, catches, shoots, rebounds, and repeats for 5 shots. Today we’re going to talk about foul shooting, or free throw shooting, as a lot of people like to call it, and how you can teach your youth basketball team about it. The foul shot is the one shot in the game of basketball that you have time to think about when you’re shooting it. Most players have the ability to increase your scoring average by two to three points per game just by being able to shoot a higher percentage free throw. The second thing your youth basketball players need to have for a perfect free throw are physical mechanics. Elbow in also means that the elbow, when you put it in position, should be inside the knee.
When you learn to be consistent in how you shoot your free throw, you will then become perfectly consistent in how well you shoot your free throw. We want to eliminate negative thoughts as a player shoots a free throw by implementing positive thoughts and mental mechanics as they shoot the shot that will incorporate the physical mechanics and the rhythm and timing of a perfect free throw. By going over these free throw fundamentals with your own youth basketball team, do you think your players will have a better understanding of how to approach the shot? I like the idea of mental mechanic and one point I like to add is your shooting hand and figures on the ball. These drills, along with several other plays and drills from various skill, are located at FastModel’s plays and drills library. 2) Each player takes 3 shots from each area – 3pt shot (behind arc), 2pt shot (10-15 feet), and a drive for a layup (1pt).

3) Shoot at all 7 spots (42 possible points), then each player shoots 8 free throws, leaving 50 possible points for that quarter (each round is 1 quarter). Player sprints full court to the opposite basket, cuts out to the second shooting area and repeats the 5 shot process. I may have revised one that I saw before but I have added a twist to it as the players get better. I tell them the if after 3 shots are made and the next shot is missed the team has to start over at 1 at that spot.
More close games are won or lost at the foul line than with any other skill area in the game of basketball. Teams have the ability to win another three to five games a year just by, as a team, being able to shoot 70% or better from the free throw line.
Physical mechanics involve your body balance and your body position, as well as the mechanics that you use with your arms and legs to complete the repetition of the free throw.
When the ball makes contact with the front of the rim, the ball will impact to the rim and spin backwards away from the cylinder, keeping you from completing your free throw.
You must have and maintain good follow-through in order to be a successful free throw shooter.
We’ve developed five words – like five fingers on your hand – that allow you to concentrate on the mental processes of the free throw.
Players do not want the elbow directly above the knee in this set position or outside of the knee. The reason we have players keep their knees locked in an elbow in position is so that when they come to the bend part of the free throw, their physical mechanics are identical every time they shoot the ball.
This helps you at the completion of your free throw to focus all of your mental concentration on the physical act of backspin on the ball and following through with your shot.

The free throw is the only shot in the game that a player takes where they have time to actually think about the shot.
As you say you have the time to set up for the shot and concentrating, so why not concentrate on the most important part of shooting, your hand and fingers at the foul line. You should say the words to yourself as you’re conducting the physical mechanics of the free throw at the same time. In either one of these cases, it’ll force a player to possibly finish with their arm shooting to the side. In the course of a game, most shots are a reaction or an action that occurs in the flow of the game.
He is currently the assistant coach at Fort Meyers High School after serving as an undergraduate manager as well as graduate assistant for the Florida Men’s program. Make or miss the player sprints back and touches half-court and sprints back in for another 3-pointer.
We prefer that you line up your right foot, if you’re right-handed, on the middle nail hole.
By having your elbow in, when a player completes their shot they will finish in a straight line with their toe, their knee, their elbow and the ball to the back of the rim. Hand and fingers r the key to any type of shot ( I seen many shots made on off balances or fad-away shots that only proves to me your hands control the shot). It has a great conditioning aspect to it and has proved to be one of our most effective quick guard workouts.

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