This setting drill will focus on setting and passing overhead from different angles on the net and passing back to these targets. Containing expert instructive advice for ambitious players, thirthy-eight exercises for proper training of the lip muscles, movement of lower lip, control of wind power, half-hour daily practice, and special studies for mastery of diatonic and chromatic scales. This FREE Volleyball Newsletter is a mind-blowing powerhouse of superior volleyball setting drills, tips, hints, tactics and winning volleyball skills that will put you firmly in control of your game.
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These volleyball setting drills are designed to put the emphasis on training your setter and increasing their skills.

The last of the volleyball setting drills that I am going to cover focuses more on how the setter plays defense than how they set.
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Setters are one of the hardest positions to train for and these drills will help you do that. You can add a variation where there are blockers for the hitters so that they also practice hitting sets from a bad pass around blockers. The hitter has the ball and will hit the ball to their choice of the three defensive targets. The setter will read the hitter to determine if they need to play defense (dig the ball) or move to position to set the ball.

This drill is all about teaching the setter to be disciplined and play defense first before running the offense. If the ball is not hit at the setter, the setter must transition quickly to setter position. By learning how to set up and start playing efficiently, one can have a more effective, easy, and efficient approach to the instrument. We work with the best publishers in the world to bring classic literature to your computer, and nurture relationships with composers to help them bring new trumpet repertoire to market. One of the skills that makes them a premier setter and sets them apart is how they play defense and how they transition from defense to offense.

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