If you need a good, all-around hand saw, a basic cross cut saw should be able to handle most of the tasks you ask of it. When buying a hand saw, price is always a factor, but also make sure you're getting the best saw for your money. For most casual users, Snap On is too expensive, so they opt for brands that are more comfortable for the budget: Stanley, Dewalt, and Craftsman. Snap On is excellent, but Stanley, Craftsman, and Dewalt will be great additions to any homeowner's tool box.
Word on the street is that Craftsman will soon be releasing a second generation auto hammer, the NECTEC G2 Hammerhead.

We know nothing substantial about the G2 Hammerhead, but with two years of feedback and potential development time, our expectations are high. Now, will the G2 look like the original Hammerhead, or will it resemble Milwaukee’s palm-nailer design? I would think the next revision should be closer to the Milwaukee version which has the look of a real palm driver. Milwaukee’s M12 palm nailer is larger than a pneumatic palm nailer, but its ease of use and portability give it huge points. Also for circles and curves, the blades are longer than in keyhole saws, and are designed for more rugged materials, such as subflooring.

They sell all the main name brands and offer some of the lowest prices we found on the Internet.
The original Hammerhead debuted more than two years ago and user reviews have been pretty positive. Read comments, feedback, and opinions from actual owners and see photos and get descriptions and specs.

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