If you have an LLSAP emergency while the office is closed, please call the SHARE emergency phone number (618-534-4319) to reach someone in the automation department. The index of each document will give you an overview of the new features if you don’t have time to read the whole document! For those of you running Windows 10, you may have noticed that the infamous blue "e" looks a little different. While each of the SHARE committees have been following an unwritten practice since the merger committee started their work several years ago, the Finance and Policy committee, as approved by the SHARE Executive Council at their meeting on June 24, 2015, is recommending that the following steps be established as the procedure for establishing policies for SHARE. Check out the new features in our upcoming Polaris upgrade with links to instructions and forms.   Be sure to read the new instructions for running Request Manager!

Please check your shelves for 20th century journey memoir of a life and the times by William L. Check your holdings on this bibliographic record, and if your item does not match, please move to an appropriate bib record for the item you have.

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