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As if a reciprocating saw is not handy enough, Milwaukee is making it more helpful by adding two new reciprocating saw blades to their line-up; one is a scraper and the other is a grout removal tool. We had a chance to not only see these at the 2010 Milwaukee New Tools Press Event this year but also since they sent some our way, we have been able to spend some extra time with them.
At first we thought a scraper or grout removal blade in a Sawzall or Hackzall would be unwieldy, but we actually found them to be quite easy to control. The Bosch Carbide Hole Saw has a drill bit pilot and is made to go through a wide range of materials including: cinder block, metal, cement board, wood and many other materials. At first glance the Bosch Carbide looks like the superiors product and it is but the price tag is also double that of the Milwaukee Big Hawgs. There have been some discussions going on about the new M18 tools and why Milwaukee is coming out with a second 18 volt lithium ion line and what will happen to the current V18 line. The only down side of the release of new Bosch 14.4 and 18 volt tools is this means no more amazing deals on Bosch 36 volt which we have seen all summer long. Bosch’s Brute Tough lineup boasts best-in-class speed and runtime, perfect for the most demanding professional users and applications. The new Compact Tough tools also deliver improved ergonomics, a versatile 20-position clutch and a robust ½-inch single sleeve chuck.
Bosch is so confident in its Litheon system that it backs the platform with its Provantage 3-year Tool Protection Plan and 2-year battery replacement plan. Each of the new Brute Tough and Compact Tough tools comes with two batteries and a 30-minute charger.
Earlier this week we took a quick look at all the Milwaukee Tools launching in October which included several new M12 tools. Overall I am very happy with their strategy and glad they found creative new product for professionals to use with the M12 battery system.
M12 Copper Tube Cutter 2471-22This is the first product of its kind and will directly compete with the Ridgid manual pipe cutters which have been very successful.
Of course when you talk about electric pipe cutting tools one of the first concerns might be working with pipes full of water and getting it wet.
M12 Hackzall 2420-22This is not Milwaukee’s first effort to build a smaller cutting tool. The Milwaukee M12 tool line currently features the Micro Driver 2401-22 and M-Spector Camera 2310-21.
The Milwaukee M18 line expands on the current battery system used by the compact 18 volt model 2601-22.
Look for several in-depth tool reviews and more information on the M12 & M18 tools over the next week. The latest foray into ultra-compact tool design from Bosch Power Tools and Accessories has yielded what may well become the ideal do-it-all tool for users looking for maximum versatility in a small package.
As with Bosch’s previous ultra-compact tools, users can count on quick 30-minute charge times and unparalleled battery life from the proven 12V Max* Litheon battery platform. Typically when you cut and thread pipe you need oil to continuously pump to keep the pipes cool and cuts smooth. To promote this exciting new threading machine, Ridgid has decided to give one away along with some other great Ridgid products. There have been many different attempts at the compact ladders over the years but for the most part these simply can not stand up to industrial applications. As a previous skeptic myself, I understand most people think a compact professional ladder could never happen but it has. In addition to the PS20-2A Bosch also announced the launch of a 12V Max flashlight, model FL11. Compatible with all Milwaukee Sawzall and Hackzall reciprocating saws, these new accessories convert several slow and strenuous hand tool applications into fast and effortless tasks.
The thing to remember with both blades is that a slow to medium motor speed is preferred (and suggested on the packaging too).
The reciprocating saw is already a great tool and this will definitely help to make it a favorite tool of many more users. Tom has nearly twenty years of experience in residential and commercial construction, having been a project manager at a engineering firm, then starting his own architectural design company, and finally owning and operating a residential construction company as a licensed contractor in South Carolina.
It’s no secret that many companies have been waiting for the day they can legally bring products to market that can compete directly with the Fein MultiMaster. Both Bosch & Dremel have new tools that will be significantly cheaper but do the same basic multi tool jobs. The Bosch and Dremel models can be pre-ordered from Ohio Power Tool on a first orders in first order shipped basis. Looks are deceiving with these new hole saws because while they look very similar they function very differently and are also priced very differently.
There have also been some frustration that the batteries are not compatible between the two lines of tools. I did get some technical answers part of which was that the new M series batteries have 5 connection points vs.
Since Bosch didn’t have an equivalent 18 volt product they rewarded all their loyal users with 36 volt tools at 18 volt prices. All of the new BruteTough products deliver phenomenal increases in speed and runtime versus the competition, especially in tough applications such as spade bit drilling, hole saw cutting and large fastener driving. Bosch’s Brute Tough tools have always been known for unparalleled durability and toughness, and the new lineup takes things a step further.

Known for lightweight, maneuverable performance at a friendly price point, Bosch’s Compact Tough tools still deliver great speed, power and performance.
Offering up to 35 percent more runtime than the competition and two times more recharge cycles over the life of the battery, the Litheon system keeps users moving forward in any application. The FatPack option delivers maximum runtime, while the SlimPack option offers light weight. In this post we will take a more in-depth look specifically at two of the new M12 tools, the Hackzall and Copper Tube Cutter.
My initial fear is that we would be hit with a bunch of cheap consumer products and that Milwaukee might lose focus on their professional customers. The battery powered M12 unit should save a large amount of time for anyone that is continuously cutting copper pipe. Milwaukee had the NiCd 18V Hatchet which was a smaller version of the Sawzall that bent 90 degrees in the middle was very popular among plumbers. The 2 lines of products currently exist but this will greatly expand on both of these lines and truly give them a foothold into several new markets. The 2601 however has a slim battery which is light weight but not powerful enough to use with the new hammer drill 2611-24, Sawzall 2620-22 or circular saws 2630-22. The Pre-Sales will be fulfilled in the order they are received so if you want to be the first kid on the block with the new tools you should probably make a pre-order ASAP. The tool is small enough to reach into tight areas and corners with ease and light enough for all-day use and sustained overhead work.
Bosch’s 12V Max Litheon batteries are compatible with all other Bosch Ultra-Compact tools (PS10, PS20, PS40 and FL11). The PS30 is covered by Bosch’s standard cordless power tool warranty and is eligible to be registered in the Bosch ProVantage Protection Plan. 1210 Promotion Registration If you are not interested in waiting to see if you’ve won the contest you can always get the Ridgid 1210 Oil-Less Threader ($1,865) or any other Ridgid Plumbing Equipment at Ohio Power Tool. For occasional use or changing a light bulb around the house that infomercial ladder you got a few years ago probably works well, but why can’t anyone build a compact ladder for real professional use? The Xtend & Climb ladders originally came out some time ago but it started with a consumer ladder with a 225 lb limit and was not built for heavy use. The professional 780P Xtend & Climb is available at Ohio Power Tool and you know those guys only sell true professional grade tools and equipment. Yesterday Bosch officially announced the launch the second generation of the PS20 which is a 12V Max tool, the new model number is PS20-2A. Basically all the ultra compact tools use almost identical batteries with equal number of lithium cells. Our goal is to find new tools, accessories, and best possible solutions that will help improve the effectiveness of professionals in their daily jobs.
The authors are sharing personal opinions based on products and field testing, and are not necessarily the views of the Ohio Power Tool company.
Both of these blades feature induction hardened edges for durability, a corrosion resistant coating for longer life, and chamfered corners for greater control when they begin to dig in.
Tom's specialties are problem-solving and attention to detail—two traits which are apparent each time he tests and reviews power tools. Fein has been unbelievably successful with these tools and if you have ever used one you will know exactly why.
The Bosch will work with the existing cordless 12V max batteries while the Dremel Multi-Max will be a corded model. The guys at Tool Snob posted some preliminary details on the Dremel unit over a month ago to give you an ideal of how highly anticipated these tools have been.
The only reason we even are comparing the two products is because a lot of people that are looking at these as equal products. While an occasional nail will not damage the saw it is not intended for metal, concrete, fiber board or any other materials.
First let’s take a look at the current market for hammer drills including the new tools soon to be on the shelves in October.
3 connections, with the V18, which allows for more power transfer etc needed for higher performance. These have been long anticipated and probably not a coincidence these tools will be released almost exactly at the same time as the new Milwaukee M18 line of tools. A hammer drill kit for instance can still be picked up for $249 while a 4 tool combo is still only $497.
The combination of distinctive Bosch unibody motor construction, all-metal gear train and DuraShield housing yield a tool that will last long-term and even withstand drops from 10 feet. The whole M12 line is aimed at Tradesmen specifically plumbers, HVAC, electricians and remodelers.
The Hatchet has since been phased out along with the rest of the NiCd tools but the idea or a compact reciprocating saw is very much alive in the new Hackzall.
This is a big advantage because with regular oil threading the job can get very messy, so it must be done away from the installation. These are the people that would use the product every day but need something compact that will fit inside the van. The upgrade for the originator of the ultra compact tool market features a 25% increase in power and speed to 100 inch-pound of torque and 500 RPM operating speed.
Milwaukee has recent changed the name of their ultra compact tools as well to M12 Lithium Ion tools. The grout removal tool has a curved cutting edge that is embedded with coarse carbide grit for fast grout removal. On the scraper blade, we do advise using a shorter stroke verses a long stroke reciprocating saw, since the slighter movement offers more control and less chance for the blade to jump or gouge the surface you are working on. They both can use either brands attachments but the Dremel attachments will cost about half as much. The advantage over a bi-metal hole saw is that it is faster, longer lasting, much easier to get the wood core out as well as easier to sharpen.

While both Hole Saws made it through the wood test in almost identical times the Milwaukee would obviously be the smarter choice at half the price.
In reality they probably could have made it work but do they build to work with previous tools or do they try to build the best tools possible? The Bosch Brute Drills have been the preferred cordless drill of choice by many for some time.
The new M18 line features a light weight hex impact that outperforms the competition in speed, torque and run time available with compact batteries 2650-21 or XC batteries 2650-22. With the Ridgid Oil-Less threader 1210 you can now thread right where you are installing, in basements, on rooftops, even in finished rooms. The nice folks at Xtend & Climb recently did a very smart thing and built a new professional grade ladder, the 780P.
Bosch’s 12V Max Litheon batteries are 100% compatible with all past and future Bosch ultra-compact tools.
Both blades have standard reciprocating saw tangs which makes them suitable to be used with any reciprocating saw. This is definitely a two-handed job and you really can get a good feel for the work as you progress, using one hand to support the tool, and the other to guide the blade along the work surface.
Fein makes great professional quality tools however they are definitely on the pricier side which may keep these tools out of many people’s hands.
Ohio Power Tool will stock a wide range of blades and sanding accessories from each brand after the launch on October 1st but each tool does come with several accessories.
However if you want a hole saw that is going to do more than cut wood do not buy the Big Hawg.
Obviously there is no money in making batteries that would essentially work with decade old NiCd tools. The delay in coming to market with a Brute 18V may have caused some to switch brands but hopefully not too many. The smaller size and new tool configuration are not only intended to make regular cuts but also to use for detail work of a Rotozip or jigsaw.
The new line will also add additional tools in the following months such as a grinder, jigsaw as well as other new tools.
These ultra compact are certainly powerful enough to handle basic drilling and consumers having been waiting for a compact drill like this for some time. To eliminate cutting oil, the Model 1210 combines specially-formulated Ridgid Thread Cutting Coolant and unique Ridgid Oil-less Gold® Dies.
This new ladder is rated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (OSHA) as a Type IA, 300 lb, Extra Heavy Duty Industrial. The one hand Hackzall also seems to be a perfect match to the functionality and purpose of both blades from what we encountered in our testing. At 40% of the price I think the Dremel might be the choice for many people who have not picked up a Fein yet.Bosch Multi-X PS50 vs. We tested the Milwaukee on all the other materials in the video but basically ruined the pilot bit and damaged the saw by doing so. Milwaukee has built a reputation for building the best tools on the market and their target customers are professionals. The small unit has 0-3000 SPM and can cut wood, drywall, PVC, fiberglass, plastic and ever galvanized pipe.
The new M18 will eventually replace the current line of V18 tools as the only Milwaukee 18 volt tools but that will not happen until some time in 2009 and the batteries and accessories will of course be available for at least 5-10 more years. Ridgid Thread Cutting Coolant will evaporate on contact with the pipe and leave you with a clean, dry, extremely high quality thread that is ready for immediate installation.
I have had a change to test this ladder out and as a true skeptic from the beginning I am now a believer.
The bottom line is that using these two blades are MUCH preferred to doing the job by hand and it opens up your existing tools to a much greater breadth of use, hiving them new life. The Bosch Accessories are about half the price of the Fein but work interchangably with Fein 636 model’s accessories.
The second generation of lithium ion was necessary for them to stay on top; obviously they need to beat Dewalt in everyway possible.
They set expectations pretty high when they made the V18 batteries work with the NiCd tools, unfortunately this probably won’t be the norm. The Hackzall can use any Sawzall blade but will also accept New Hackzall Blades specifically made for the unit. You can find a few extremely well priced M12 combo kits available on Ohio Power Tool which will be available in very limited quantities to promote the new tool launch. The coolant system can also sit idle for any amount of time and go into use right away saving valuable time in setup. I weigh about 225 and full extended there was no flex to the ladder at all and it just felt very sturdy.
If you currently have V18 tools they will probably last you much longer, which is good unless you are like me and need to have the latest and greatest. The battery system will be similar to the 36 volt tools with SlimPacks and FatPack options. It is pretty light for a professional ladder at just over 30 lbs and very easy to carry around when collapsed.
The launch of the new scraper blades and grout removal tool are a nice way of showing that Milwaukee Electric Tool is continuing to deliver, via intensive R&D, innovative accessory solutions to save time and increase productivity on the job site. Either way you will still be able to pick up new V18 tools from Ohio Power Tool for at least another year and batteries for probably the next 10 years.
The unit also features similar preventative measures to keep water out of the internal parts of the tools when using on pipes that may have recently been in use.

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