The best way to cut laminate flooring is to buy a laminate flooring saw, as it is designed to perform this task.
It is essential to take accurate measurements before cutting the laminate flooring, otherwise the boards won’t fit into position even if you make proper cuts. We recommend you to use a blade with downward-oriented teeth (if you use a jigsaw), if you place the laminate board with the face up, while you make the cuts, otherwise you will chip the edges and the finish. Step 2: If you have to make a complex cut, around a corner or other item, you could use a paper template. Step 3: Use a straight edge or another laminate flooring plank to guide the jigsaw or the circular saw. If you use a regular blade (with upward oriented teeth), you should draw the cut lines on the back of the laminate boards. Step 6: After you have cut the laminate flooring board, you have to lay it on the sub-floor, to see if it fits into position. Step 7: Remember that you have to place spacers around the walls, otherwise the laminate might expand in time and create issues. Step 3: In most of the cases, you have to cut the last row of laminate planks, as to fit easily along the wall.
Step 1: Cutting around pipes might look as a difficult task, but in reality it is easy if you use the right techniques.
Step 2: Cut the holes in the planks by using a hole saw (attach the hole saw to a drill machinery, lock the board into position and make the round cuts). Thank you for reading our article on how to cut laminate flooring and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. When building your new house there are many things you might want to do yourself in order to save on the overall building costs.
For our new home we decided to have tiles in all areas except for the bedrooms and home office where I would install laminate flooring myself. The plastic spacers were not very strong so I used 8mm thick plywood to ensure there is the required gap between the edge of the planks and the wall skirting. To cut the planks to fit around doorway my loyal Bosch jigsaw was equipped with brand new special blades for this kind of material. To cut the metal trim used where the laminate planks meet the doorways you’ll need a jack bow saw. Even when you factor in the purchase costs of these tools, it’s still much cheaper to install laminate flooring yourself. Use a scraper to remove the concrete bumps, or any other irregularities in the floor surface, then clean the surface with a vacuum.
The underlay for laminate flooring is available either in rolls or in boards, as well as in different thicknesses. Estimating the laminate flooring quantity is an essential aspect you should take into consideration before starting your project.
Usually, the sealed packs must be stored flat on the floor, for at least 48 hours in the room they are to be installed. Use a scraper to remove the bumps on the concrete floor and clean the dust and other residues by using a vacuum. Nevertheless, if the dimensions of the room allow you, you could start the second row with the cut waste from the last board installed in the first row. You should pay attention to all this steps, as a little error of measurement or of judgment could compromise the whole process. In order to make straight cuts, you have to use two clamps and another laminate plank on top of the the one you want to cut. Continue the process of laying the laminate flooring by installing the plank into the position.
Make sure that all grooves are clean before laying the boards,  otherwise the floor would have irregularities on the surface.
Pay attention to the fact that when drawing the cut line, you should also place the spacers along the wall.
Before making the cut with the jigsaw, we made sure that the whole setup was firmly locked into position. In order to complete the project in a professional manner, all you have to do is to install the missing pieces of laminate, under the door jambs. Lay laminate flooring on the rest of the concrete floor, in the same manner described above. Smart tip: After you have completed the project, you have to remove the spacers and clean the floor with a vacuum. Thank you for reading our article on how to lay laminate flooring on concrete and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. I have had quite a few of my readers tell me they would like to donate something to me for the information that helped them.
Therefore, we strive to show you the best ways to cut laminate flooring planks, as to install it in a professional manner. This tool comes at a high price, as it is a professional saw for cutting and installing laminate flooring on large surfaces. In order to do that, you should use a smart setup, as to cut the planks straight and to avoid chipping their edges.
Consequently, we recommend you to take your time when drawing the cut lines on the laminate planks, as to get it right from the very first time.

Nevertheless, if you want to use a regular blade, you can still get the job done as a professional by placing the board with the face down.
First of all, you have to draw the cut lines on the laminate boards, by using an L-square and a carpentry pencil.
Therefore, take a sheet of cardboard or paper and cut it with a pair of scissors, as to fit into position.
Place your board with the top-face up (only if you use a blade with downward-oriented teeth) and lock the straight edge with two C-clamps.
In addition, you have to lock the whole setup on several sawhorses, or ask somebody else to hold it firmly into position, while making the cuts.
If you took accurate measurements and used our tips to cut the planks, you shouldn’t have any issue while laying it into position. In addition, if you will use a circular saw or a jigsaw with upward oriented teeth you should place it with the face down. Therefore, you have to place the boards with their tongues pointing towards the wall and to place spacers at both ends, to leave enough room for expansion. Pay attention to this step, otherwise you would have to redo the previous procedure until you get it right. Make sure the blade of the jigsaw will go exactly over the cut line and clamp the two components together.
Do not force the power tool and make sure you wear eye protection during the whole procedure. First lay the board around the pipes and measure both their diameter and the distance from the pipes to the wall. Lay the laminate board into position, around the pipes, and fit the small piece into place.
Work with great care and good judgement, otherwise the pipes might not fit properly in the cut holes.
Don’t forget to share our articles with your friends, by using the social media widgets. In this post I will list all the tools I used to complete the installation of 12mm thick laminate flooring around the house.
The laminate flooring is cheap and comes in a large diversity of colors, thicknesses and finishes, as you can easily find one to fit your needs and tastes perfectly. The main role of the underlay is to protect the room against losses of heat, to improve the sub-floor irregularities and to reduce sounds transmitted to the below room. If you have to lay laminate boards on a small surface or a room with a complex shape,  buy 10% more flooring, as you will get significant waste due to cutting. In the past years, we have witnessed many contractors which overlook this procedure, but we can assure you that it’s best to fit the laminate flooring under the jambs and not around them. After laying the laminate flooring into position, you should draw the cut line on the laminate plank, by using a pencil and using a l-square. Taking accurate measurements might take some time, but it’s a small effort compared to wasting laminate boards.
In this example we use a jigsaw, but the operation can be done also with a sharp hand saw. Remember that the blade of the saw must have the teeth downward oriented, to avoid chipping the planks. Before making the cut, ensure that the whole set up is firmly locked either by clamps or with the help of a friend. This aspect is important, as in this way the boards will be properly locked together and you will waste fewer materials. In this project we have used double click laminate flooring, but on the market you may also find other types of locking systems. Do not apply too much force, as you risk damaging the grooves, just try to make the procedure progressively. In order to make accurate measurements, install a spacer along the wall and turn the the laminate boards with the tongue towards the wall. Consequently, you should use two C-clamps and another straight laminate board and lock them together, as in the image. Before this procedure, we had cut the laminate plank at the right dimensions, as to fit into place.
Then, we connected the boards by using a mallet (hit the laminate board with a rubber hammer). Work with patience and make sure you don’t leave any gaps between the laminate planks. We recommend you to check one more time the laminate floor, looking for gaps, cracks, scratches or other issues, before installing the baseboard molding. Don’t forget to Like our articles and to share them with your friends, by using the social media widgets.
As far as cutting laminate flooring It is hard on the blades. 10 inch sliding miter sawA sliding miter saw is better for cutting laminate flooring.
You can also use the table saw for cutting on curved scribe lines which are slightly curved. I am not a charity, but I put a lot of time into bringing this information to the internet. When redecorating your house, the first thought that comes to your mind is to hire a certified professional to get the job done in the shortest amount of time.
Therefore, you have to use another laminate flooring board or a straight edge to guide the jigsaw or circular saw.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our laminate flooring projects, if you want to see more step by step tutorials. Next, use a pencil to draw the cut lines on the laminate boards, based on the paper template.
In addition, make sure the blade of the jigsaw goes exactly over the cut line, at both ends, before making the cut. A couple of handyman clamps help hold the planks in place while you make use of the jigsaw.
I gave it a try but found out it was much quicker and more durable to use an air nailer instead. Moreover, the laminate flooring is easy to maintain and durable, if you clean it regularly with appropriate products. This step is critical for the lifetime of the laminate flooring, so verify carefully the surface more than once. Nevertheless, if you have to lay laminate flooring on a large surface (a very large room or several room), you should buy only 5 percent more flooring. If the packs are not set level, then they will bend and you won’t be able to use them again. The underlay is used for its excellent thermal insulation properties (it protects the room against losses of heat), because it improves the sub-floor irregularities and reduces sounds transmitted to the below room.
Last but not least, in order to secure the joints, tap them with a mallet and another piece of laminate. If you notice any issue, there might be two causes: on one hand you could have installed them wrongly, or the  laminate planks have of poor quality.
We repeated the process for all laminate boards, and then we connected them with the rest of the flooring. This is the proper technique to connect the board under the door jamb, as there is no space for the usual method.
Work with attention and with great care, until you close the gaps and you lock the plank tightly. The sliding action helps keep the blade sharp longer. Table sawTable saws are used mainly for cutting down the length of a plank, such as the last row of flooring being installed up against the wall.
When using the tapping block the edge of the block is put against the top layer of the laminate plank and then tapped.
Or just to rip down the length of aboard to fit in the last row along the wall. I use a jig saw for cutting curves . Nevertheless, you could save some money and get the satisfaction of doing a project by yourself,  if you take the plunge and learn the basic techniques of laminate flooring installation.
Nevertheless, remember that it is essential to lock the laminate flooring planks into position while you use the saw, otherwise you risk damaging them or injuring yourself.
Laying laminate flooring on a concrete subfloor is not difficult if you use the right tools and techniques. Do not put the tapping block against the locking system on the planks when tapping the planks together, this can damage the locking system edges. This particular tapping block I use has two different sides for thinner or thicker laminates. This would be a little difficult trying to do this on a miter or table saw. Jig saws come in a wide range of choices.
Therefore, in this step-by-step guide we try to explain you the best ways of cutting laminate flooring by using regular tools (such as a circular saw or a jig saw). From our experience, we can assert that the preparation stage is maybe more important then the actual installation. If you are thinking of purchasing a table saw you don't need an expensive one, just a basic table saw. Therefore, use a large spirit level to see if there are irregularities on the subfloor and pour a thin layer of auto-leveling screed if necessary. I prefer them to be smaller than the width of the laminate planks, this makes it easier in tight spots. pull bar Pull bars are used to tap the last plank together when it meets the wall. The less expensive models usually come with a fixed speed which can be difficult to make more precise cuts.
In addition, use a large scraper to remove the bumps and other residues, which can create gaps in the laminate flooring over time. The pull bars that are sold in the laminate installation kits are basically just a heavy metal that is bent in the shape. This project is not time consuming, so you will be able to finish laying the laminate flooring on concrete in just one day.
If you are installing a lot of flooring it may be better to invest in a better quality pull bar. SpacersSpacers are used for maintaining the proper expansion gap around the walls. The most common type are little plastic spacers that are placed against the walls as the flooring is installed.
This helps to keep the floor from moving around while being installed. Hand jamb saw, non electric This jamb saw is not very expensive and will work for cutting your door jambs. The only drawback to use this type of saw is it will not cut inside corners, an example would be where two door jambs form an inside corner. Just make sure you cut them high enough because its hard to go back and cut small amounts off afterwards.

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