Knoxville, Tennessee-based metallers WHITECHAPEL have announced more details regarding their upcoming fifth full-length. The Neural Sentry also provides the Corrupted with Orokin weapons to aid in the defense of the tower. The Corrupted have unique taunts and battle calls which range from evil laughter to electronically dampened moans.
Grineer Butchers enslaved by Orokin Neural Sentries to defend the Orokin Void, Corrupted Butchers are slightly tougher than their normal counterparts.
Corrupted Nullifiers are Corpus Nullifier Crewmen enslaved by the Orokin Void Tower's Neural Sentry, featuring their nullification fields capable of neutralizing Warframe powers as well as absorbing ranged attacks.
Corrupted Vor is a corrupted Captain Vor and is the boss of the Orokin Void as an encounter in Tower IV missions.
Our Endless War will be released April 29th in North America via Metal Blade Records."We are excited to announce our fifth full length studio album Our Endless War. Corrupted units are actually Corpus, Grineer, and Infested creatures that have been implanted with a control device, allowing the "Neural Sentry" of the Orokin Towers to manipulate them. The tower is not without its own defense, and utilizes flying sentries similar to Shield Ospreys that provide shields to the Corrupted.

In comparison to normal Grineer Lancers, Corrupted Lancers have lower HP pools and doubled armor values.
Like regular Crewmen, Corrupted Crewmen are protected by shielding, and have heavily armored heads.
The Corrupted Bombards are identical to their normal counterparts, with the excepting of having rockets that curve at a faster rate. Corrupted Ancients behave just like normal Ancient Healers, regularly healing all other Corrupted units nearby.
It is known that he was revived by his own Orokin Key during a normal assassination mission in Mercury and has since turned into the guardian of the Void.
In typical Whitechapel fashion, this CD takes the sound we have been developing over the past 8 years of our career and pushes it to new levels.
Most Corrupted appear shining grey and drained of color, except for the golden Orokin control devices on their heads, and their body is "perfected" in a way that mirrors the Orokin aesthetic taste: this is especially evident in Corrupted Grineer units, which has their crude armor replaced by golden, symmetrical plates and bionics.
They wield Deras instead of Grakatas, and throw grenades in a manner similar to regular Lancers.
They differ from Corpus crewmen, as they wield Strun shotguns instead of Dera plasma repeaters.

The energy shields created by Corrupted drones recharge instantly, and their charging rate is rapid. Like regular Ancient Healers, they can be mind controlled by Nyx, or brought back by Shadows of the Dead by Nekros to heal you and your teammates, giving you 100 health per pulse. Vor will make his presence known via a taunting transmission, after which he will appear near players to engage them in battle. Ancient Healers may also revive you or a fallen teammate with a single pulse, leaving them with 100 health. With dashes of every record we have done so far mixed with the intensity of a new sound, this record is sure to please fans of Whitechapel, old and new”, says guitarist Alex Wade.When it came to tracking the album the band considered no one beyond Mark Lewis, who helmed Whitechapel.
For the artwork, the band turned again to Aaron Marsh, who supplied Whitechapel with its stark, arresting imagery, but again they wanted to push things to the next level. These dates will being April 16th in Columbus, OH and run through April 27th in Birmingham, AL.

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