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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Bi-Metal saw blade chart is set-up for the different band saw blade widths and provides the feed rate on the right side column. Tooth Set - Bending of the teeth, right or left, to allow blade clearance through the cut (or kerf) - see illustration A above.

Wavy Set - Groups of teeth set to each side of the blade with varying amounts of set in a controlled pattern.
After break-in when the blade has fully entered the work-piece, increase the feed rate over a series of cuts until recommended cutting rate is achieved. Adjust the feed pressure to about one-half the normal cutting rate for the first few cuts or for 50 - 100 square inches (323 - 645 sq. Adjust the feed pressure to about three-quarters of the normal cutting rate for the first few cuts or for 25 - 75 square inches (161 - 484 sq.

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