Use in combination with your Versaturn grinding wheel, this sharpening jig will save you time and aggravation.
The Versaturn Sharpening Jig turns your Comet II lathe into a self-contained turning station.
The punch blade, was never sharpened and with the exception of the normal patina found on a knife of this age is in exceptional condition. Used in combination with your Versaturn Grinding Wheel, the sharpening jig lets you grind your turning tools back to a mirror finish. Case & Son opened a subsidiary factory in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1948 for the purpose of producing a knife for the Canadian military.

At 4 inches, it is a monster of spike which allows you plenty of space for gripping and holding while working with knotted lines.. I'm not sure how useful the punch is as as can opener but it is quite wide and if you need to put a big hole in a can, this blade will get the job done. On the bright side, I think this is because it was never sharpened!  The blade has a bit of wobble when opened probably due to the owner using it the head of the knife as a hammer. It holds your turning tool firmly in place while you articulate the cutting edge in relation to the grinding wheel.
And no, we do not recommend trying to 'free-hand' when sharpening your turning tools, your much better off getting this jig.

The knives were made according to Canadian military specifications using a pattern that predates WWII.

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