Ryobi Limited is a manufacturer of components for the automobile, electronics, and telecommunications industries.
It looks like Ryobi has a new 4-volt battery on the market and a number of interesting tools to go with it. A handful of these new tools are measuring devices, an area that both Bosch and Milwaukee have recently moved into as well. In the 'things we've never seen before' category, Ryobi is offering a 4-volt camera, noise suppression headphones, a motion sensor with an alarm, and a digitally keyed lock. It's all very interesting and with Ryobi's placement at the giant orange store, this is likely to be a winner of a line.

Rather than looking at the 4-volt battery system as a smaller version of the 18 and 12-volts, they're looking from the bottom up, treating it as more of a pumped up AA battery. With their new system, Ryobi has an infrared thermometer, a distance measure, and a multimeter.
Hopefully, Ryobi's ability to serve up a quality tool at a great price will avoid these items from becoming VPX'd. The noise suppression headphones do a good job, but the other tools feel cheap and are more expensive than similar tools sold at THD. This place holder welcome page is named index.html and is located in your public_html folder accessible either from your control panel's File Manager or via FTP.

The charge time can be reduced to 36 minutes with the purchase of the optional dual-port charger for $30.

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