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Go for petrol this one trimmer does not generate enough power to get the job done efficiently.
I like the trimmer and find that it is easy to use and works well however I cannot remove the battery for recharging without help. I have a fairly small garden, and have had several 2 stroke versions that are all hard to start and fail after a couple of years. Sure it isn't big and heavy or requiring petrol, ear protectors and a heavy case of testosterone.
Best thing by far, I no longer have to crawl around with shears pulling grass out of rock cavities and can spend more time actually enjoying my garden. I have loaded up the spool with as much as it can stand and have had no trouble with the auto feed.
No matter what I do, including following the manual many times, I can't get the line to feed automatically.

I only just bought this Line Trimmer (RLT1830Lix4) from Bunnings for $219 today and have been very impressed already.
I would recommend this product to almost anyone who wants a home use trimmer, with the only exception being perhaps someone who lived on an acre block or larger, but even then you would just need another battery or two.
I purchased the CLT1830 with the 4amh battery after quite a bit of research as I was looking for a light weight unit just for edging and light trimming. My suggestion is IF IT IS NOT UNDER 2 YEARS WARRANTY check the battery connectors, are they have good contact, is there any build up.
Hi Doreen, I was going to give the same answer as Lara with one more comment- mine came with 3 reels in the box, just check you don't have new ones put aside somewhere! It is not the most powerful but I don`t have to go if I run with the canister to fill up at the petrol station.
Use cordlessly on the lawn around the pool and with a cord if needs be in other areas or if it was running out of grunt. This fits my use perfectly, changing from trim to edging with a twist of the handle and the line feeds out perfectly when you stop periodically to allow the line to advance. As long as you wind neatly (in the right direction) to save any snags it should be fine you will need to cut approx 1 meter from the reel and you will most likely need pliers to cut the line.

I live on a 790m2 block with a large backyard and the battery was just fine after 25 minutes of work. I did over 200 metres of edging another 30 metres of trimming with the battery on them first bar of discharge on completion. In his case was dust and dirt inside the battery connectors, we just blown it and clean the build up and it was working fine.
Fits easily in a car and you dont have to fiddle to get it started or stop and change line like the petrol one that it replaced. Otherwise, just love the trimmer, not too heavy, and can work for ages with it without tiring.

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