The battery pack can overheat and burst while on a charger, posing fire and burn hazards to consumers. Click Ok if you wish to continue to the website; otherwise, click Cancel to return to our site. Ryobi has announced that they will be bringing a new Airstrike stapler (P360) to their 18V One+ line of cordless power tools. The stapler comes with (500) 1″ narrow crown staples, a belt clip, and operating manual.
The target MSRP is $139, and units have already started appeared at some Home Depot stores.
We tested and liked the Ryobi Airstrike brad nailer so much that we added it to your Ultimate Tool Gift Guide, and are optimistic that the stapler will be just as good.
As a side note this is the only Ryobi tool we have in the company so I dont feel we are biased towards the brand. There is a common assumption that the wider crown staples require more air, but they don’t. I also wish they made a 16 gauge brad nailer so I could use it for fiber cement siding and trim repairs. Maybe if enough people buy these two airstrike guns they will see the demand and make another model or two. Over the years we also bought a few bad batteries for out M12 tools – some made in Korea and some made in China. Ryobi’s newest 4Ah 18V Li-ion batteries seem to be okay, except maybe for those affected by a recall earlier in the year. As stated previously, I don’t know how their batteries have performed in more recent offerings, but previous models have left a bunch to be desired.
I used my Ryobi day-in and day-out alongside guys who used DeWalt and Makita systems when I was doing architectural sheet metal installation (mostly metal roofing).
While we were at Home Depot tonight my wife started playing with the demo impact drivers and drills.
I think they might be thinking of the old discontinued stapler that could shoot both staples and brads and wasn’t very good either.
You might find yourself a used coil roofing nailer (or rent one), if you feel the need for speed when re-roofing your house.
The Ryobi 40-volt is a cordless chainsaw designed for light duty and chores that you can do around the house. It provides easy access to adjustments and has good maneuverability, which means that any amateur woodcutter can use it. The battery life of the Ryobi 40-volt is sufficient to run for 45 minutes in constant cutting, and should last longer in smaller trees or softwoods.
This chainsaw’s design is fairly lightweight and compact, so it will be very easy to handle.
You will soon notice that this saw is constantly leaking oil when idle and uses a lot of it when cutting through wood. The battery for this saw is expensive if you buy it separately, so make sure that it comes with its own battery. You should really look for other chainsaws that can take care of small jobs around the house before considering the Ryobi 40-volt. Javascript is currently disabled in your browser, please turn it on to avoid loss of functionality.
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Part of the Ryobi One Plus range, this super charger can be used for both Lithium-Ion and NiCd batteries. CPSC does not control this external site or its privacy policy and cannot attest to the accuracy of the information it contains. As with their 18V Airstrike brad nailer, the new stapler will feature in-tool air compression to deliver pneumatic-like performance without the need for a noisy compressor or bulky hose. We have been using one of the airstrike brad nailers in our shop for work for a couple of months now and it sees much more use than we initially intended. A comparison is possible, but probably wouldn’t be a very high priority in the near future. Depending on how well the Airstrike does (so far we have heard great things), maybe we will see the technology make its way into Ridgid or Milwaukee cordless lines down the road. They bring with them what I think of as now old technology – smelly gas discharge and more need for maintenance than pneumatics.
Maybe the current technology has brought them up to a level that is finally worthy of a semi-contractor grade performance. Even in the absence of defect, Ryobi batteries have a history of professionally inadequate run times. These guys laughed at my Ryobi impact driver until they saw how well it kept up and heard how little I paid. I rarely had to swap more than twice per day, while they had an almost Globetrotters-style routine for passing batteries back and forth between the roof and ground for charging.
She couldn’t seem to get the DeWalt impact driver to take a bit, so I picked it up to show her how. I highly doubt that a narrow crown stapler would have the necessary holding power for an asphalt shingle.
But the first thing you should do is check your local building codes to see what is acceptable in the way of fasteners. If you don’t mind the oil leaking out when idle, this should be a good alternative to gas and cords. It also features a safety mechanism that prevents kickbacks, so it won’t bump on you during use, because the nose is completely isolated. This means that you’ll need to use a lot more oil than you would with a cord chainsaw. You will also notice that it is tedious to disassembly this chainsaw due to the high number of screws. The major thing about this Ryobi is that it will burn out if you cut through any hard woods. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the Rapid website. Cordless tools in the One Plus range all use interchangeable battery packs for convenience and cost-saving. You may wish to review the privacy policy of the external site as its information collection practices may differ from ours. When doing a repair on a single piece of trim 30 feet up in the air a cordless gun would be priceless.
Right now I do have my Ridgid pneumatic brad nailer in storage, and could try to get my hands on a non-pneumatic cordless model for comparison. I would wager that DeWalt’s success with 18v tools could be even more attributed to the performance of their batteries than the tools themselves. Most brands seem to have stopped sourcing cells from the lowest bidders and have integrated a lot of electronics into their tools and battery packs to help prevent damage to the cells.

I will be switching to their Milwaukee line in the future because there are a number of tools there that Ryobi doesn’t offer. In the real world where the rubber meets the road, they haven’t provided a length of service per charge that equated with anything beyond casual usage.
Then when they learned that mine had about 25-40% more power than theirs (depending on the specific models) and could drive massive screws that theirs couldn’t, they shut up.
I couldn’t believe that the MUCH more expensive DeWalt still requires two hands (or remarkable dexterity with one) to set a bit.
They also make an AirStrike brad Nailer too but they are built just to do either staples or nails they are not interchangeable except for the battery platform.
You won’t have difficulties with the chain either – most of the time it stays tight in its initial position.
Because it goes so quickly through the chain oil, it is recommended that you get a gallon of it. Linking to this external site does not constitute an endorsement of the site or the information it contains by CPSC or any of its employees. Sometimes I find myself having to go back and tack on a piece of molding or a kick plate and dragging a compressor into a finished space can be a pain.
I also said it would be priceless for it to have a very slim profile tip so it can be used to hang soffit j-channel.
I prefer the build quality and feel of my Ridgid, but the convenience of the Ryobi Airstrike is hard to argue against. I have to agree with Stuart’s previous assessments about the consumer oriented Porter Cable tools vs Ryobi.
In fact, many municipalities have banned the use of staples, of any type when it comes to roofing materials, and require the use of round head nails. In the shop we use a central air system so no one is ever far from an air hookup at a work table and we have several air powered brad nailers. Of course, an ounce of common sense indicates that they’re comparing apples to oranges. Admittedly, my last investment in a battery operated tool has been prior to most of the recent developements.
If Porter Cable was offering something similar in a similar or slightly higher price range, I would promptly forget about the Ryobi. However all three of us in the shop have been reaching for the battery powered on on a near daily basis. One thing I’ve experienced with Ryobi tools in the past however, is that their batteries left a lot to be desired.
If on the other hand their batteries are now performing up to a decent spec, this might be a consideration for a handyman or any serious DIY’er.
It has become the go to tool because there are so many times it is nice not to be tethered to an air hose. It works best with a fresh battery and it is almost like it needs to warm up a couple of shots into scrap when you first pick it up for the day. Maybe we just got a good one but this strike mechanism seems to perform quite well and we will get another one of the brad nailers and perhaps this stapler when it comes out.

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