Imprint Enterprises can assist you in finding a floor labeling system that will withstand your lift truck traffic, and is easily installed and economical. Imprint Enterprises will assist you with finding a durable (.020) aluminum label with your barcode and bin location numbers for seamless integration into your warehouse automation system. If you prefer to supply your own barcode label or number, then purchase just the parts of the system to suit your names. For a free consultation with a knowledgeable consultant regarding your warehouse labeling and signage needs, simply fill out the short request form on the right side of this page and someone will contact in short order.
Around here drill presses go begging; dont be afraid to get a floor model and cut the column down as needed. And pay attention to the speed range - make sure it reasonably matches the material you intend to be drilling.
Yes, a cheap(inexpensive) little bench top drill press will do most of what you need it just will take longer and not last as (very?) long. Additionally, I put a dial indicator on the table of the big crappy Wilton Chinese press at work just to see how flimsy it was. If you are forced to pick up a Chinese press, try to get the cheapest one you can find in the capacity you need. If you need just a little small hole puncher, the little $50 or so 5spd mini drill presses are actually not a terribly bad deal.
Trust me, as long as you're only notching a handfull of pieces, you're better off cutting and filing them by hand.

Regarding the deflecting tables on import drill presses, a friend built a diagonal brace from angle-iron that helped resolve some of the table deflection issues. I was pretty unhappy with my 2002 Grizzly heavy-duty (China-made) and practically gave it away.
Go for a used machine of better construction if you can -- American, European, good Taiwan. We run a small machine shop ( CNC mill, lathes etc) and there are two tools that get used many times every day. They are just sitting on the bench waiting for anybody to walk up and use them - quiet and no set up hassle. The custom aluminum frames used in our aluminum floor label kits are rigid and capable of withstanding the most high traffic distribution centers. They are too fast on low speed, as has been mentioned, but also usually too slow to do fine work, especially in aluminum. You can use endmills for small tubing, shell mills or horizontal cutters and an arbor for big stuff.
They are cheap enough that it doesn't hurt your feelings too bad when they can't quite hack it. One is the smallest cheapest Chinese drill press used for those quick and easy non precision drilling jobs. The frame has beveled edges so your pallets and lift trucks easily navigate over the assembly without catching an edge.

Most of these cheap presses have only a bearing at the bottom, depending on the splines in the pulley to keep the spindle aligned.
With two fingers on each hand, I could pull about .010 down on it (probably 40lbs of force or less. Pretty handy for small stuff, though, and small enough to sit under the bench or on a shelf out of the way when you don't need it. A full sized benchtop takes up the same amount, but on the bench, rendering a large part of the bench useless. The other one is an equally small and cheap belt linisher - absolutely superb for deburring small parts, sharpening TIG tungstens, screwdrivers etc etc. With a piece of bar in the chuck and using the feed handle and the quill, I could get just over .030! They have been totally reliable so far (3-4 years), and if they break just go out and get another for ?30 or so. They can also be adapted for use in construction trades wherever holes are needed for water, gas and electrical piping, especially when natural stone, concrete or ceramic tile is already installed.
We recommend a template be used when drilling free-hand and a scrap piece of stone be clamped under the stone to prevent excessive chipping on the backside of the stone.

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