For those of you installing crown molding, making picture frames, or regularly cutting angles, you’ll love the detents at the most common angles.
The fence also has an area for writing so that you can mark the length of boards for repeated cuts. Another feature I really like is the blade lock for transport, which doubles as a depth stop. In this configuration the saw is ready for normal use utilizing the full cutting capacity of the saw. By setting the dial at different points, you can vary the depth of cut, which is great for slotting boards or laying out hand cut dados.
Out of the box, the saw has side to side play, which is detectable without measuring equipment.
As you tighten these screws, you’ll improve the accuracy, but it can make it difficult to manipulate the saw if you over tighten.

Unfortunately I was not able to take all of the slope out of this saw even after running through the adjustments a few times. My official opinion is that this is a great saw for any price range, especially since it’s under $500.
I admired this stand at a local farm store, after it being in the store for about two years they put it on clearence. If the laser is not turning on with the saw running you’ll need to check the laser guide which is to the left of the blade.
Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw has a powerful 15Amp motor with a soft start and constant speed control for stable cutting in high load conditions.
With my Dewalt I only need 12″ and as space is a premium I need to know this distance before purchasing one. Just have a question is RIDGID Compound Sliding Miter Saw MS1290LZA can be stand on Router Table ?

Make fast and precise adjustments with the upfront bevel lock control and miter lock lever for quick angle adjustments. I would like to trade the single wheel for the new wo wheel set-up, but I use it like it is till I can find a set.
It is ideal for the professional user in a wide range of specialties including general contractors, woodworkers, cabinetry and flooring.

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