For those of you installing crown molding, making picture frames, or regularly cutting angles, you’ll love the detents at the most common angles. The fence also has an area for writing so that you can mark the length of boards for repeated cuts. Another feature I really like is the blade lock for transport, which doubles as a depth stop. In this configuration the saw is ready for normal use utilizing the full cutting capacity of the saw.
By setting the dial at different points, you can vary the depth of cut, which is great for slotting boards or laying out hand cut dados.
Out of the box, the saw has side to side play, which is detectable without measuring equipment.
As you tighten these screws, you’ll improve the accuracy, but it can make it difficult to manipulate the saw if you over tighten. Unfortunately I was not able to take all of the slope out of this saw even after running through the adjustments a few times. My official opinion is that this is a great saw for any price range, especially since it’s under $500.
I admired this stand at a local farm store, after it being in the store for about two years they put it on clearence.
If the laser is not turning on with the saw running you’ll need to check the laser guide which is to the left of the blade. I have one of these (the MS-UV mobile base that is) as well but I use mine as a mobile base for my DW734 planer. I have one of the older MS-UV mobile base when they first came out and its on my Makita 10” sliding miter saw.
I use the same stand with my DeWalt DW718 and I have to agree that it has been a great setup. It holds the saw well, but with the saw hanging off of the frame, it’s not the most space efficient position to store. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.
These saws, pretty much like most other Ridgid table saws, are easy to assemble and even easier to operate. The only problem with this type of Ridgid table saws, according to a number of reviewers, is that the fence does not sit parallel to the blade sometimes.
One of the problems that a lot of reviewers seem to mention is that it can be hard to reach the on-off switch during an emergency because of the way it is placed on the saw.

The 10" cast iron saws from Ridgid are considered one of the best contractor saws available on the market today.
As pointed out in a number of reviews, there seems to be two problems with this type of Rigid table saws - improper blade alignment and a small dust port.
Since the features change from one model to another, you can visit their website to get a good idea of the price, features, and other related information on their products.
With my Dewalt I only need 12″ and as space is a premium I need to know this distance before purchasing one.
Just have a question is RIDGID Compound Sliding Miter Saw MS1290LZA can be stand on Router Table ?
I have a vision of my shop being almost completely mobile (bench included) someday due to space issues. Haven’t used it terribly recently, but if I remember the legs without the wheels on them were a touch wobbly. Not sure how it could be done better really, but have been annoyed trying to squeeze everything into my undersized shop a few times. They only weigh 55 lbs and come with an easy retractable handle and wheels which make jobsite transport very easy.
A lot of reviewers find it quite surprising given the fact that these saws come with front and back clamps. These saws come with a T slot miter gauge for additional cross cutting capacity - a feature which can be found in all of these table saws. The TEFC (totally enclosed fan closed) motor is quite powerful and it also keeps dust and debris out of its way. However, thanks to their competitive price, they remain one of the most sought after saws on the market today. All table saws by Ridgid come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee policy and a limited three year warranty. It keeps my garage neat but I’m not sure that I would want to load it into a truck everyday. Only one of the 2 sides for the non-wheeled legs had a locking mechanism on them relying on the fact it was attached to the leg that locked to stabilize it.
I roll it out everyday and bring it in every night.David C,I would encourage you to get one.
They come with a built-in mobile base, solid granite top, 40-tooth carbide tipped blade, dust control feature, T slot miter gauge, an integrated spreader and blade guard assembly, and a cabinet mounted trunnion. I would like to trade the single wheel for the new wo wheel set-up, but I use it like it is till I can find a set.

A lot of reviews also seem to mention that the heavy granite surface reduces vibrations considerably. A lot of reviews mention that the motor has a soft, smooth start and lasts a lot longer than the motors found in other table saws from the same class.
And now that I have added the mobile base, my problem with the footprint is a thing of the past.
If you are only purchasing a couple items, then please proceed through checkout and pay as soon as possible.
At the end of my work, putting this mobile unit away for the night is as easy as pie.The gas shocks make every thing very easy to operate.
If you would like to gather many items and have them all combined into one purchase, it is no problem. And having a bad back, I have found that this setup is very easy to raise to a working position and collapse to the storage position.
However if it will be more than 4 days, please just drop us a little message to let us know. My only regret is that I did not buy them at the same time.I would recommend this setup to any woodworker. 50 to 100 dollars is not too bad, but if a package gets to be more, it may cost a little bit extra just in case.
When combining 2 or more first class items, they might have to go into a non first class box.
Measure: Some long or bulky items are better sent one at a time, OR in a very large quantity to get a break on shipping expense. Just keep in mind that our profit margins are so low that we may not be able to offer free shipping. If there is some kind of error in the listing, or mistake in shipping we will make it right. Welcome To The Solderspot We are a small independently owned company on the eastern shore of Maryland.

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