During my years (about a solid dozen) as a tool tester, I had a chance to see a lot of changes in cordless drills (or drill-drivers), and to use most of them. The lithium-ion batteries weren’t new; they’d been used in portable computers for a few years. Since that time I’ve watched drills get smaller and more powerful, offering all the features of the old heavy-weights, but only weighing in at bantam weight. The “Fuego” (does anyone really call it that?) weighs only six pounds, and fits comfortably in my less-than-beefy hand. Oh, and I forgot to mention one of the other benefits of lithium-ion technology, the batteries don’t drain while they sit on the shelf. We have most anything you might need to rent - from power tools to earth moving equipment as well as everything you'll need for a party or event. Take a look through our inventory lists and you'll get an idea of the coverage we can provide you. Stop by our store and we think you'll be surprised at the huge selection of items available at Mike's Westside Rental. Model 10 set contains 20 precision tools – one each of Extractor Models 1 to 5 inclusive with turnuts, drill Models 1 to 5 inclusive, and drill guides Models 921 to 1821 inclusive.
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When putting together our Home Depot Black Friday Deals post last week, we mentioned Ridgid’s portable table saw, which will be on sale from its $299 normal price. Todd from ToolBoxBuzz mentioned that he checked with Ridgid and found out that the saw is only available for a limited time. Okay, so the R45161 is a revision of the R4516 table saw that was sold in the past before being discontinued. While the price looks good and the features and specs look reasonable, it’s a tough choice to buy a power tool with an uncertain future.
Funny, I was just looking at that saw the other day, I had no idea it was ever discontinued at some point. I’ve been using one from Ridgid for the past year or so, and I would honestly be very sad if it went missing. Worth Metroplex and are convenient to Graford, Newcastle, Olney, Jacksboro, Mineral Wells, Throckmorton, Haskell, Breckenridge, Eastland, Ranger, Caddo, Possum Kingdom Lake, Lake Graham, Woodson, Fort Belknap, Jean, Bryson, Perrin, Wichita Falls, Loving, Bunger, Hill Country Harbor, The Ranch, Gaines Bend, Bluff Creek, The Cliffs, Sportsman's World, Rock Creek, Albany, and Weatherford, Texas. Any translation using Google translate is a guide only - its accuracy cannot be guaranteed and it is used at your own risk. However, while the Ridgid looks to have all the specs and accoutrements one would expect from a professional portable table saw, there don’t seem to be any bells and whistles to really set it apart. And supposedly it’s only available for a limited time unless it sells well enough for Ridgid and Home Depot to make it a regularly stocked item.

A while back a reader asked me to help him source a replacement part for a discontinued Ridgid benchtop tool he owned. I like the saw but I’d be concerned about finding replacement parts if it will only be a limited production model. Toss in two batteries, charger and a flashlight (that I probably use more than the drill!), and you’ve got a $125 drill kit that I don’t let the neighbors borrow.
The saw looked vaguely familiar, and there were no red flags or headlines proclaiming that it was something special. If you’re concerned over replacement part availability, you may want to see how things play out. Small enough to work in tight quarters, while still delivering the umph necessary to sink a 3” drywall screw into a pine 2×4. The tool manufacturers discovered how to effectively use lithium-ion battery technology in cordless tools.

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