You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Description: This listing is for a 10 pack of our Carbon Steel Reciprocating Blades and they're just what you need. The blades are made from tough, shatter-resistant bi-metal that keeps the edge longer on your reciprocating saw blade and withstands even rough cutting jobs. The heat-treated reciprocating saw blades can handle nail-embedded wood, sheet metal, thick metal and demo work.
Wearing safety eye protection or reading glasses, clamp the blades in a vice and sharpen the teeth.

You'll find many other fine items for all your cutting, finishing and polishing needs in our extensive online Ebay Store and you'll find special prices and other discount packages there, so be sure to check it out!!!
Our knowledgeable sales staff provides practical technical support, and we can save you money on all your cutting needs! Spray before pruning andas you cut branches or pressure treated lumber to prevent sap on saw blades. For more info on this or any of our other listings check out my Ebay Page or email us via Ebay.
All buyers to pay within 7 days by PAYPAL, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, OR DISCOVER.

You will be contacted with shipping prices for this item and shipping will be based upon number of items purchased.

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