And while there is some technique to it, most of rebounding comes to two things – heart and desire.
This is a great warmup drill, getting your players up and down quite a bit, as well as improving hand and forearm strength.
Have a player line up on one side of the rim, and jump up once, twice, and a third time, slamming the ball on the back board each time.
After the third backboard slam, they will jump up and finish the lay-up with their outside hand, and catch the rebound as they slide over, to repeat the drill on the other side of the backboard.
Have two players line up, one on each block, facing the rim, with you at the free throw line with a ball.
You can have players rotate out after every rebound, or have players fight to be the first player to rhee rebounds, with the loser, running sprints or seventeens. Instead of just two players, here we will put four in, with two on the blocks, and another two on the elbows, but instead of running out to the 3 point line, the defenders will begin fighting for position as soon as the ball is thrown up. You have to stress the importance of intensity in these drills, as there is no technique or skill that is being improved here – just conditioning and effort. If you’re looking for more drills for your big men, make sure to check out these post offense drills! Creating a high intensity, competitive environment in your rebounding drills is a surefire way to get great results. And while your players might not be excited to hear it, adding a conditioning aspect to the drill is key as it represents a more game like situation. This is a great drill to run at the beginning of the year, when you’re still trying to get your kids in shape.
Start off down at one end with five players lined up around the arc, and five more inside the paint. After they shoot, put the offense back around the arc and the defense back in the paint circling the wagons, and send them back down the other way!
If you’re looking for a couple more ways to help your team dominate the boards, these other great rebounding drills are something you’re definitely going to want to take a look at!

These basketball rebounding drills are from an old University of Washington women’s Newsletter. If you are interested in joining the list, send me an email and I will forward your request.
I think this is a good way to work on looking for someone to block out either out of a zone or from a man to man defense that traps and rotates. Receive an immediate Basketball Coaching e-book with 37 ideas to improve your program today! When it comes to offensive rebounding, the ability to anticipate the ball coming off the rim can be just as important as length, or athleticism.
This will force your players to move nimbly around in the lane and get up and down quickly. Make the players grab 10 straight rebounds, with the last player finishing strong at the basket. Here we’re working a tricky technique – grabbing the rebound when a player in front of you has an advantageous position. Set up two lines, both at the elbows, facing the rim, with a ball at the front of each line. Award 1 point for defensive rebounds, and 2 points for offensive rebounds, with the drill running until one of the players reaches ten. One technique that can be very successful for your team is wedging, when instead of battling their own men underneath the rim, players will cross the key and block out each other’s men.
While it’s good to encourage your players to be physical, don’t let them get into the bad habit of fouling during these drills – if they can’t do it in a game, don’t let them do it in practice. And if your looking for some drills to help you beat that dreaded 2-3 zone, make sure check out this post on how to run a zone offense! I had my doubts about the over the back drill, but my girls love it and it really gets them fired up under the hoop. It’s a thankless job, especially on the defensive end, but many coaches will argue that the battle on the boards has a humongous impact on the outcome of any game.

And yes, these aren’t really things you can teach players, you can create an environment that promotes and rewards players that show those characteristics. That’s why putting up a large penalty; say 5 sprints up and down the court, will make sure to keep everyone’s intensity level high.
Then, when you shoot the ball, they will immediately breakout to the closest man, boxing them out. If you want to run this drill in the halfcourt, simply get the rebounder to pass you the ball and circle the wagons again. That’s why I like to put my players through a series of drills that hone their offensive rebounding abilities specifically. Instead of going half court or full court distance, we actually start all three players in the paint, and instead of passing to each other, each player is going to throw the ball off the backboard for the next guy weaving around. Make sure that players are keeping the ball above their heads and minimizing their time on the ground.
Whether by using a swim technique, or just simply trying out jump them, the offensive player is going to have to expound quite a bit of energy to get their hands on the ball. The player at the front of each line will throw the ball off the back board, and then put his body on the player behind them, trying prevent them from grabbing a rebound.
You can often catch the opposing team off guard, and at the very least, you’ll be able to slow down their break if it’s a made basket.
And as any former big man will agree, toughness and tenacity are alot more important to rebounding than length and athleticism! But if you want to incorporate some transition offense and defense into the drill, have them push the ball on the rebound and try to score on the break. Please add me to coach Neighbors news letter and any other women’s coaches info is greatly appreciated.

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