A pair of huge pigtails on a girl, that are much larger than possible in Real Life, at least not without loads of hair gel. There can be many reasons for this, although the most common are either to make the pigtails clear even in long shots, or because of Rule of Cute. Note that this trope is about the volume and complexity of the pigtails more than the length. Miki, and her android double in Sailor Victory have large swirling tails, the latter even able to turn them into high powered fans. Leenalee Lee of D.Gray-Man when she is caught by the recently arrived Road in the Rewinding Town arc.
Chibi-Usa has similar hair to her mother, but instead of the pigtails being thin and ankle-length (and wouldn't qualify for this trope), they are poofy and shoulder-length. Highschool of the Dead: Saya's pigtails are impressive in terms of sheer length and volume, with each individually being near equal the width of her head.
Variable Geo: Because of how short she is, Manami's pigtails are actually bigger than her body. Tiara from Shamanic Princess has huge pigtails, contrasting with her rival and friend Lena's longer but much straighter and loose hair. A couple of the Artificial Human girls in ???HOLiC have pigtails that are very poofy and nearly go down to their feet.
Bleach: In the anime, when Kyouraku's zanpakutou Katen Kyoukatsu takes human form, his tachi's human form includes Mega Twintails. When the members of the Ouran High School Host Club try cross-dressing, the twins wear wigs with these.
Moegi of Naruto wears her hair in two poofy pigtails that stick straight out from her head. Par for course in Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!, but then again what would you expect for a series with twintails in its title?
Mami Tomoe◊ of Puella Magi Madoka Magica had her iconic haircut become a subject of massive memetic popularity.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX introduces Micha Jawkan, who has not only a huge volume of drills, her twintails also function as rocket engines! In Barbie and the Secret Door, the Big Bad, Malucia, has huge purple pigtails twice the size of her head. Kasane Teto, an UTAUloid, has the same hairstyle as Amy Sorel in the above picture, except in pink. Soul Calibur III: Amy Sorel provides the page image, with her massive twin tailed Ojou Ringlets.
Yuna from Mega Man Legends 2 has pigtails that are not only long, but also unfeasibly wide and flat. The archers◊ from Disgaea and other Nippon Ichi Strategy RPGs, at least from Disgaea 2 onward.
Yurika Kirishima from Project Justice has large swirling tails which rest on her shoulders. As does Gothitelle (they resemble four large black discs stuck to either side of its head).
MUSECA Series Mascot Illil not only has ridiculously long twintails, she has them spiral around her arms. The "splash page" art for The Nostalgia Chick videos is often done by Andrew Dickman, and he draws her pigtails thick and large.
Quote:Original Posted By chawpituta a–?ah merkapa afaik di korea war, china&nk sama us pernah pertempuran artilery plg berdarah di sejarah bukan sih?
While the two can overlap, merely having improbably long hair in pigtails, like Sailor Moon, Hatsune Miku, Ruri, or Hibiki falls under Rapunzel Hair.
It's a part of a Go-Go Enslavement moment, as her captor also puts an Elegant Gothic Lolita gown on her just for the heck of it, and Lenalee's hair is normally in simple Girlish Pigtails. In her adult form as Black Lady, they're still big and poofy, but also extend all the way to her feet, whereas when aged up and not made into Black Lady her twintails are longer than usual but to a lesser degree. Both are long enough that they nearly touch the floor, and have enough volume that they look as if they'd weigh more than she does too.

Sometimes she is referred as "big ribbon" or "over-sized" due to her hairstyle - giant pigtails tied with two large white ribbons. She later dismisses that hairstyle and changes her cute dress for her regular action outfit. While relatively modest on its own, it's often exaggerated in parodies and homages to the character, like the above mentioned Vivid Yellow.
As the runt of the group, Manami's pigtails are long enough that they nearly touch the floor, making them bigger than her body. And when they first arrive in Yafutoma, one of the children of the village wonders what she eats "to make her hair do that".
Their size is justified, as they're actually tentacles that are some of the retained aspects of the Inklings' squid forms. In Shizune's route, it is revealed that she colors her hair, and she cuts her twintails off after Hisao and Shizune hook up. A few pieces of character art show her without the pigtails, suggesting they're detachable hair extensions. Singapura ngandelin kemampuan presisi dan teknologi mereka bukan jumlahnya yang masif macam Thailand. It is more of a compromise halfway between the proper aspect of the ringlets and girly of Girlish Pigtails, both in looks and in personality. Her natural hair is light brown, actually; she took up this hairstyle after being rejected by Shizune.

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