With double-split blade and powerful wedge-type action our screwdriver takes a positive grip inside the screw slot.
Industrial laborers and mechanics working under hazardous conditions require specialty products that provide the qualities of safety as well as functionality. Quick-Wedge Specialty, Non-Sparking tools provide protection where there are dangerous gases, solvents, liquids, vapors, or dust. OSHA and NFPA have many different standards and recommendations that have been published for the use of Non-Sparking Tools. Hazards exist in almost every job but Quick-Wedge is providing products that dramatically reduce these risks for the users of their amazing non-sparking screwdrivers.
OSHA requires the use of non-sparking tools in environments that contain flammable hazards, but the materials used to make non-sparking tools also offer benefits like resistance to corrosion and protection of fine electronics from static or magnetic damage. Quick-Wedge is THE tool distributor of specialty instruments and risk reduction tools to professionals and hobbyists.
Kit CHAP.3307 is a tough vinyl soft-pack containing one Chapman Ratchet plus five Bristol Multi-spline Adapters. Cette action fait en sorte que les deux lames se chevauchent, ce qui les coince dans la fente de la vis.

It reaches screws in tight, hard-to-reach places, even in spaces not much larger than the screw head itself. The hazardous conditions can come from something as simple as a tiny spark from the screwdriver in their hand. Our Bronze-Aluminum tools are approved for explosion zones 1, zones 2, zones 21 and zones 23. Quick-Wedge has created these specialty, non-sparking screwdrivers especially for this level of safe and secure performance. They provide the safety and security these individuals demand for their building, electrical, maintenance or mining task.
Quick-Wedge is one of the leading suppliers of non-sparking screwdrivers, screw holding screwdrivers and safety tools. All of the Quick-Wedge Specialty, Non-Sparking tools are Drop Forged which will make for a stronger, longer lasting tool. As an example, in certain operations of the drilling industry or mechanic industries, for individuals who are required to perform their duties in dangerous conditions, these products can provide a life saving buffer from the hazard. Each product produced is tested and crafted to perform the specific job reliably and efficiently.

Their products have an ergonomic handle well suited for repeated use and the alloys used to make this non-sparking screwdriver work are guaranteed to withstand the brutality to which it is engineered to be subjected. As quality hardware suppliers, Quick-Wedge makes locating and purchasing the perfect product using their online ordering system easy and cost effective. Many hardware suppliers will tell you that their non-sparking screwdrivers are tried and tested, but none will stand up to the rigors of hazardous work like the screwdrivers and specialty tools produced by Quick-Wedge. When you need a specific tool for a difficult or dangerous job, Quick-Wedge is sure to have the answer. Quick-Wedge offers 1000 volt screw holding screwdrivers as well for those hard to reach places. Quick- Wedge is a supplier of screw holding screwdrivers and non-sparking tools that perform the job they were designed to do and protect the user from injury.
With Quick-Wedge, small and large bulk orders are simple with their online ordering system and quality customer service.

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