Thousands of practice plan combinations are just a click away, using the Hockey Canada Drill Hub, powered by Samsung. Download hundreds of drills and create a practice plan with the new Hockey Canada Drill Hub, powered by Samsung. If you’re interested in purchasing a Dot Drill Mat, I would recommend getting them through Power Systems. While a lot of the time they may be the biggest, slowest players on the field, there is no denying the fact that foot quickness is a huge asset to offensive lineman – whether that’s a guard pulling for an outside run, or a tackle doing his best to keep a speedy pass rusher from getting to the quarterback. That’s why I like to run my players through a series of drills designed to keep them nimble on their feet, as well as a way to keep track of their improvement.
In the mirror drill, two players will line up facing each other, one defender, and one blocker. At first have the offensive player focus solely on his footwork, but once they have the hang of it, you can add some contact in, having the blocker extend and push the defender away whenever they get to close to the mirror line. But after about 5-10 seconds of this, one of the coaches yells out ‘Beat ‘Em!’ and the defender is going to use a move to get past the blocker – whether that’s a swim or a rip, or even a spin move is completely up to them.

This is a great drill for your players to do at home on their own, and be a great measuring stick for their improvement. Remember to remind them to use proper pulling technique, and to pulling to the left and much as to the right. If you found this article helpful, you should check out this post with even more offensive line drills! Copyright © 2010 - PortaldeMisterios - Privacy policy This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons.
We here at Prodigy Hockey are big fans of Jari Byrski and the types of skill drills he creates for his players. Offence, defence, goaltending, special teams, with or without the puck; close to a hundred searchable drill videos, descriptions and diagrams are available for players of all levels. The defender is going to move from side to side, with an array of shimmys, fakes and spins.
Here we’ll set up two cones about 5 yards apart, and a defender and blocker lined up facing each other.

This portion of the drill should be at about 75% speed, with the blocker easily taking care of the defenders attempts.
Simply set up 3 cones (or whatever you can use to replace cones; shoes, rolled up towels, anything!) and line them up each 5 yards apart. On your whistle, they will pull out of stance, sprint down to one cone, touch it, sprint past their starting point to the far cone, touch it, and then sprint back to where they began. The blocker will move from side to side, keeping themselves directly in front of the defensive player.

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