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Frugal Gift Idea: Use your art work, your kid’s art work, or photographs to create a set of note cards. Love the idea of making notecards out of children’s art work with Bible verses on the back. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. The clever world of toilet paper roll crafts boasts an impressive amount of projects that can be conjured up with a piece of cardboard that usually incurs waves of dread. Dress up a few toilet paper tubes with leftover wrapping paper or scrap fabric to make pencil organizers for your desktop. If you're concerned these tubes might roll around, spraying pencils into the nearest floor vent, consider storing all the organizers in an upcycled tissue box.
Grab the kids and your favorite Sharpie for this simple project that turns beige cones into endearing owl crafts. You might need to store up toiler paper and paper towel rolls to make a marble run, but it will be worth your time for the payoff. These toilet paper roll pumpkins are a fun craft for older kids and can be recycled if they get batted around to disrepair by household cats.
Just like the eyes are considered to be the mirrors of the soul, the windows are considered to reflect the quality, beauty and aesthetics of your house. Another great way to repurpose your old windows is to turn them into a display that features either a chalkboard where you can write small memos or reminders, or a display that features the paintings or your children or even some inspirational quotes that will boost your morale and give you the energy and positive vibe that we all need. If you are a passionate gardener and you love to take good care of your flowers, then this tutorial is specifically created for you!
All you need for this creative tutorial is a window and some good old pieces of fabric available in different colors, prints and patterns.
If you got a few old frames on your hands and you do not want to throw them away, then do not despair – here is a well-written compilation that features six of the most creative uses for those windows. Perhaps the most common and popular use for the window panes is turning them into photo displays – and that is perfectly understandable, for they serve as outstanding and super creative frames! Electric panels have a reputation for being very ugly and unsightly, and if you do not want to spend several tens of dollars on a classic cover, then there is always the cheaper and more artistic alternative to it – you can repurpose an old window frame and add a simple drape to it. This is an outstanding and super creative way to add style to your master bedroom, especially if you want to do it on a budget. This cozy cottage coat hanger can actually serve a double purpose, if you are creative enough – not only can you use it as a coat hanger, but you can also remove the glass from the window pane and replace it with mirrors! If you got an antique window to spare and you do not feel like throwing it away, then you can easily turn it into an exquisite living room decoration: all you have to do is to add a fresh layer of white paint to it, and find it a small space on your busy living room wall! If you are the nostalgic but unconventional type who wants to stick to classic, conventional photos but does not want to stack them one on top of the other one in a photo album, then this tutorial will definitely give you a deeper insight into a better alternative to that – you can now use your old window panes to create a lovely frame for your pictures. If you are running low on ideas or inspiration and you want to use your window panes for something truly useful, then you are in the right place!
If the chalkboard idea does not appeal to you, then you can opt for a rather similar use for your window panes – you can turn them into practical post-its (or oversized post-it notes, for that matter) and use it to leave messages for your husband or children. One of the best aspects about the window coffee tables is that you do not need to seal them shut – you can also use them as a storage space for your magazines, your candles, your wine glasses and all of the other goodies that you want to put on display. To sum it all up, these are 30+ ways in which you can use your old windows, without having to make any sacrifice in terms of cost, functionality or style. Are you looking out for transforming your backyard or garden into a picturesque space, but can’t find something budget-friendly in the stores and aren’t planning for a landscape artist to help you out with? The best thing about the arrival of summers is those awesome parties you can plan for in your yard, perfect for inviting the whole family and friends.
Those sunny days definitely call for some outdoor fun with the friends and family, where all the faces look lit up with joy and glee.
When you are done with all that decorating, having a great Easter calls for some lip-smacking treats as well. What He Makes Wrapping A String Around a Balloon Is All you Need To Surprise Kids For Easter! What would an Easter celebration be without some sweet, candy-licious surprises and those homemade decorative eggs? Summers are here, and it’s time to hit the beaches, celebrate summer get-togethers, and go for late night treats.
101 PalletsRecycle wooden pallet furniture designs ideas and diy projects for garden, sofa, chairs, coffee tables, headboard, shelves, outdoor decor, bench, bed frame uses.

Protect a several discarded wooden pallets from your land fill and you can have a brand new bar, couch, potting shed, move or also an entire outside patio.
Get very creative and build your own children an exciting playhouse, inspired by this concept from Alex Salvador at 1001 Pallets. Place a pair of pallets side-by-side just like a fence, color them however you just like, and you’ve received a custom made lawn walls that gives comfort along with a way to mount holding plants in your lawn.
1 little bit of a pallet becomes an awesome wall-hanging light fitting that’s positive to be a conversation bit.
This lovely modern pallet shed might not be attainable for many people, since it was created by expert designers, but your own may be almost as remarkable.
Trim pallets into parts and research along with the benefits – you may simply just come up along with something as lovely as this desk and a stool set by Jonathan, submitted to 1001 Pallets.
Just like the swing concept, this pallet task re-purposes some of the wood shipping crates in to a base for a hanging your bed. It is filled with pictures created with leaves and served as the inspiration for Andrew’s masterpiece: The Turtle.
My oldest son, went on a nature walk and collected a variety of flowers, leaves, twigs, and even a feather. My kids made leaf men last year in Sunday School class with pressed leaves and they have held up well. That is a gorgeous picture your older son made – it’s so nice this is the kind of thing that kids of all ages can do at their own level! If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. For this trash-to-treasure craft, you cut up tubes of toilet paper rolls, dab on a little Mod Podge and paint, and turn your boring wall into a statement. Speaking of desktops, Apartment Therapy has a clever guide to crafting toilet paper roll organizers for rogue computer cables and extension cords. Plus the kids can safely playing in the kitchen while you're cooking dinner (and not pull on your sleeve when you're half blind from cutting an onion). In the more frigid months, bring snowflakes indoors with toilet paper roll ornaments and a bit of glitter. This toilet paper roll Easter bunny toilet paper craft allows you to fill the tube with packets of candy when you're done! You can tell a lot about a house by looking at its windows, and the truth is that old windows do not compliment your home – however, instead of throwing them away, you can easily refurbish or repurpose them in many different and creative ways. Regardless of your choice, this tutorial will guide you through the process of making your own work of art out of the old window frames, quickly and effortlessly! With a few old but still useful windows, you can create the most exquisite house or greenhouse for your flowers.
Once you have gotten your window frame in place, make sure to gently remove the glass and to replace it with perfectly cut squares of fabric – add a wreath in the middle of the frame as well, if you want to take its aesthetics to the next level.
Not only can you turn them into shabby chic headboards, but you can also use them as quily displays if you are fond of knitting and you are looking for a brand new decoration to hang over your fireplace!
All you need for this basic project is an old but still usable window pane, some colorful binder clips as well as a few family photos that you want to display around the house. If Paris is your favorite city in the world, then you can rest assured – you can now have it right in your living room!
That should be more than enough to mask the ugly electrical panel, especially if it is located right at the entrance or in any other intensely circulated place where all of your guests can see it. Nonetheless, this is not your average headboard tutorial – it is a rather complex and large headboard that requires a massive window. This way, you will end up with a fully functional and aesthetically pleasant two-in-one hanger that will benefit you on many levels. Here is a creative “Dream Big” butterfly window that will remind you of just how beautiful life can be, if you make the best of it. This tutorial works best with window panes that feature a rather intricate frame design, as opposed to the panes with a basic and conventional three-square design.
Show your family and friends just how much you appreciate them by proudly displaying their photos across your home!
Here are five window pane ideas that will add value, style and comfort to your living room, your hallway, master bedroom, kitchen or even your front porch. If you want to make sure your children will never forget their school lunch again, or that your husband won’t forget to buy milk and bread, then your old panes can definitely serve as a chic reminder!
These reclaimed window coffee tables are very versatile and they can definitely benefit you on many different levels, if you know how to put your inspiration and creativity to good use.

These vintage windows look good and they can serve you even better, if you let your practical and creative side come out to play!
It’s not every day that you will come across a quality HD video recipe to one of the easiest but uniquely delicious cakes you will ever come across. How about adding the bubbly touch of Sprite to a gummy treat and taking things to true awesomeness? Here are generally fifteen fun Do-it-yourself pallet tasks that will really encourage you to create a number of reclaimed home furniture and decoration of your own. It’s created from a single whole pallet, additionally 2 more dismantled kinds, a small amount of extra wood, plus some paint.
Make 1 yourself easily and quickly with this Do-it-yourself pallet reuse task by Greater Homes and Landscapes.
The Brand base Pallet Task is actually a veritable showcase of what pallets can perform, with stacked pallets utilized to build desks and also stairs. Your own pallet patio can be as very simple like a number of pallets attached together, or you can disassemble your pallets and place the panels back down to make sure that they’re all even along with absolutely no spaces.
Get ideas and find out a lot of images for very simple, affordable sheds at the Wooden Pallet Shed Task. The leaves will eventually dry out, so I made a photo copy of his first leaf picture to save for the presidential library.
On the back of the note cards (where the trade mark would usually go) he put quotes and Bible verses that matched the images on the cards. Floral designs dominate the trend, but with a bit of gold paint, geometric shapes like these honeycombs are fit for living rooms and the nursery.
Don't worry: you'll hardly hear the sound of marbles constantly hitting the floor over the sound of your children's merry laughter.
If you've saved up enough tubes, challenge yourself to recreating this blogger's fantastic toilet paper roll advent calendar. If you have temperature-sensitive plants and you would like to shield them from the cold and other harsh environmental conditions, or if you simply want to add aesthetics and appeal to your front garden, this adorable window-based flower house is a great weekend project where you can involve your entire family!
Simple, cheap and durable in the long run, this creatively altered window frame can be easily added to any room of your home, for it will make it burst with color, positivity and livelihood! Moreover, the same good ol’ frames can serve as simple but highly suggestive room dividers! Check out this tutorial for further instructions, and it should take you no more than five minutes to complete this cute project! You can easily use your old window panes to display photos of one of the most beautiful and exciting capitals of the world – the best thing about it is that you can use even the fragmented or divided window panes, if you want to get an unparalleled visual effect.
However, the final result is definitely worth all the time and energy invested in this project – here is a comprehensive tutorial that will guide you through every step of the process!
Besides, this is a very time-effective project that can be used by just about anybody, without too much effort: check it out and see for yourself!
With some resin, a few stickers and a cute small window pane, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating an exquisite decoration that you can easily hang around your house – this is the ultimate craft for artists!
Check out this tutorial for an inspirational boost that will help you reclaim your old panes and use them for something truly meaningful! Make yourself a cozy, comfortable swing to hold through chains on your deck or inside of your own home. This image displays 1 of the simplest setups which are doable; you can easily find quite a lot of information at Esprit Cabana. We have multi sized and colored pallet wood furniture ideas and pallet furniture plans for outdoor and indoor decoration. All you have to do is to grab a generously sized, black and white photo of the center of Paris (the Eiffel tower must be in the picture), stick it on the back of the window pane and voila – you just got yourself a chic living room decoration, and a reminder of Paris at the same time! He used touches of marker and even stamped a couple of images on top of the colored pencil. I already have lots of art work to donate to Grant’s presidential museum, but I still have plans for this picture.
I am going to scan it and use the scanned image, as well as images of his other pieces, to create a set of note cards which he can give to his grandmother.

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