Martin Lippert introduces a€?Boot Dashboarda€?, a new open source tool for developing, deploying and debugging microservices in the cloud.
Tony Printezis presents an overview of how services are deployed and monitored at Twitter; the benefits of using a custom-built JVM with in-house features and the challenges of the use of the JVM in an environment like Twitter.
Sudhir Tonse discusses how stream processing is used within Uber's Marketplace system to solve a wide range of problems, including but not limited to real-time indexing and querying of geospatial time series, aggregation and computing of streaming data, and extracting patterns from data streams. Dom Davis takes a look at the Impostor Syndrome, discussing how and why it affects developers of all sizes. Microsoft recently released Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2012 with three new extensions - Power Commands, Color Printing and Quick Tasks in addition to all the extensions included with the 2010 release. The power commands extension enables you to e-mail code snippet directly from the Visual Studio 2012 code editor and edit project files including the ability to clear all output panes.
All extensions included with the productivity power tools for Visual Studio 2012 are enabled by default. In Debugger Canvas post, we discussed about a Visual Studio 2010 Devlab's extension developed with the collaboration between Microsoft Code Canvas team and Brown University.
Please don't confuse this with another Visual Studio extension with the same name from AxTools.
One option which always work for understanding the code flow is Global Search [Ctrl + Shift + F].
If you have tried Productivity Power tools for Visual Studio 2010 then you might remember an enhanced solution navigation tool window, called Solution Navigator. It supports the same fuzzy, incremental searching and search based on pascal casing as in Navigate To tools.

Like View Call Hierarchy window, it also supports seeing the possible call hierarchy and usage of a particular symbol. Selecting any of these options would navigate to a new solution explorer view displaying only the specified request regarding calls or usage of the symbol. This extension allows us to view the way code is structured in a code file providing details about class members including methods, properties and events. As we select to view the call hierarchy for MethodX and MethodY, we individually select them from the code editor. The other option is to limit it to the project or even to widen the scope to the whole solution.
Identify the individual members in the code and try to see how and where they are referenced. It combined some of the features of Class View, Navigate To, View Call Hierarchy, all merged into Solution Explorer. You can dock it within Visual Studio real estate to the side or move it to another monitor. There are references which are not possible to navigate at design time, they are only resolved at the time when the code is actually running. It has been a break through code navigation tool from Visual Studio Platform team in Microsoft. If this is a method, it also shows some details about how it is implemented by the implementing classes and the related code flows. Like for an interface methods, there wouldn't be any code called from the interface members but other code might abstract the calls using this interface member which can be shown in Calls To section.

Since the natural trend is to incorporate successful tools from Power tools to Visual Studio RTM, many of the features of Solution Navigator have become part of Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2012. This is departure from the previous approach of Visual Studio which relied on providing a stack frames details in a list.
It should also show the types implementing the interface and how the selected member is implemented by the concrete implementations.
But this gives so many entries that it is sometimes very difficult to navigate through the list.
Additionally, Solution Navigator has been removed from Productivity Power tools for Visual Studio 2012.
While stepping in and out of the call stack in a complex code, it is very easy to lose track.
In this post we are going to discuss how we can map the code flow using features available in Visual Studio 2012 excluding code map. This also includes fuzzy search capabilities searching on more than one words at the same time. In the next post, we are going to see how the same requirements are fulfilled by code map tool in Visual Studio.
These are the tools which enables us to understand the code flow without actually running it.

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