July 24, 2014 By Tyler Read FL Studio began life as a simple MIDI editor and drum sequencer back in 1997. FL Studio was once regarded as a simple loop-maker with very basic sequencing abilities, almost like a toy. FL Studio has an excellent recording interface complete with intelligently built transport buttons and over-dubbing capabilities. FL Studio 11 has been configured to work with numerous new devices and comes designed for plug-and-play functionality with MIDI controllers like Novation’s Launchpad and the Akai APC40. FL Studio Frooty Edition ($99) – includes only the very basic features minus audio recording. FL Studio Producer Edition ($199) – includes a full mixer, audio tracks, ASIO recording and a WAV editor. FL Studio Signature Edition ($299) – includes FL Studio Producer edition + additional plugins. FL Studio + All Plugins Bundle ($910) – includes FL Studio Signature edition + all available plugins from Image Line. Pro Tools, on the other hand, is the industry standard for audio recording and mixing solutions so it’s no surprise that is costs a staggering $699.
They’re not exactly evenly matched or even used for similar purposes but either will take you very far with your sound producing ambitions.
6:34 am Thanks Samuel for a great and detailed review, which was the only one that could help me decide for Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140. 1:57 pm Thanks for your prompt reply, but my quotation does not have the dell wireless 4G LTE mobile broadband card. Related PostsAdobe Releases New Acrobat That Skips 588 Versions!When is Adobe Acrobat XII (v.
Adobe Acrobat DC continues to create files up to PDF version 1.7 with no further extensions.
What’s the difference between Acrobat Pro XI and Pro DC in terms of features, and is the DC a subscription plan or lifetime?
That page, as indicated, also tells you what’s the difference between Acrobat Pro XI vs. Greetings JR, you can still find the previous Adobe Reader XI here if you need or want to download it. So we’d suggest just right-clicking the form link and saving it locally to your computer first, and then opening the downloaded file with your Adobe Reader. I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe Reader DC, and now I can’t run reports in QuickBooks that require Adobe Reader, rather than DC. Welcome Tim, see our previous replay if you need or want to download the previous version, the Acrobat XI Reader. If Acrobat X Pro is still installed, then you can change the PDF file associations in Windows to open your files in the older release instead. I have used Adobe Acrobat for years, but now that I have Windows 8.1 the software is Adobe DC Reader.
I notice that one may install Acrobat DC on 2 computers, although one may only use the licence on one computer at a time.
Hi, I have a question whether it is the DC program or the Adobe Reader that I should be running. Hey there Kathy, the latest-and-greatest version of the Reader available from Adobe is called Acrobat Reader DC.
So if you already have the free Acrobat DC version, then you don’t need any other program as that is the most recent Adobe PDF Reader available. I am not sure how and why acrobat reader dc came onto my computer however since then certain things have changed making it quite inconvenient. Hello Jac, to do that just select the View menu > Page Display > Two Page View, or any other. For learning more about the capabilities of the new Reader, see the Acrobat Reader DC Learn & Support pages.
If you still prefer the prior version instead, then you can always uninstall Reader DC and go back to Adobe Reader XI – but keep in mind that Adobe will not be supporting it with security updates indefinitely into the future. Finally, as described in the article above, the new DC release is also available via subscription – and that additionally comes with ongoing new feature updates, plus all the web, mobile, and cloud-based workflows. Use of the Document Cloud features is optional – but either way, it will still open and read all your PDF files for free.
I just spent $23.85 in order to convert an Adobe report into a Word document only to discover that I was unable to transfer five small images (from a total of 22 pages) into Word. I had to click and upgrade to DC for a form I was filling out and now it is my default reader.
Are you using something in your browser to do that, perhaps a plug-in or [the Clip to Evernote] extension? Some other significant new features in Photoshop Elements 11 are Mapping (geo-tagging of photos), a new Actions Panel, a very handy Refine Edge Detection capability for complex selections (including hair and fur), new Guided Edits (Tilt-shift, Vignettes, and High- and Low-key effects), new Filters (Lens Blur, Comic, Graphic Novel and Pen & Ink), plus an updated Adobe Camera Raw engine with new algorithms and controls. Importantly, Elements continues to be multi-platform software, available with largely the same features on both PC and Mac (containing both discs in the box) – and installable on up to two machines.

Do you have any questions about Photoshop Elements 11?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast! Thank you in advance for your prompt response, I’ve got a huge amount of processing to do.
Here are some free online video tutorials for Photoshop CS6 and also for Photoshop Elements 11.
The best thing is probably just to download and run the free trial(s) to see how they do what you want.
Wow, so helpful – especially about Premiere – thanks much for the reply and info!! Photoshop Elements 11 of course is definitely compatible with Windows 8, and is much improved from Elements 7 as outlined above. Welcome Colleen, do you mean like creating a contact sheet or a photo “package”? Well the current version of Photoshop Elements 11 should definitely do that, Elements 9 may be able to as well. Hey there Jim, so basically you’re wondering if you upgrade your Photoshop Elements to the latest new version, will you still be able to run your existing or older plugins – and if so, how do you do make that happen? It’s a good and common question, and for a detailed answer just see this complete Adobe Forum thread to make it work. Are there any features that Photoshop Elements 10 had that Photoshop Elements 11 eliminated, without replacing it? As for the second part of your question, there was a lot added in Photoshop Elements 11 vs. If you’d like to try it out, just download and run the free PSE 11 trial and you can get started right away. Hi, I have a copy of photoshop elements 6 ( not registered ) and I wish to upgrade and buy elements 11. And you should be able to migrate or transfer your existing catalog up from your older release of Elements. Yes Meg, as far as fixing small blemishes, Photoshop Elements can do that with the Spot Healing Brush.
Greetings Tom (and anyone else wondering about their camera or lens), you can just check the complete list of supported cameras in ACR. Yes Carli, Photoshop Elements does now include the the long-awaited Layer Masks functionality, and you should be able to move up from any older release of Elements (versions 1-10) to Elements 11 and receive the upgrade discount.
Thanks for this comparison – it has helped me decide that the an upgrade will be worthwhile. Premiere Pro (available through the Creative Cloud and elsewhere) does not have that limit, and that is probably why Adobe put it in the consumer-level Elements software.
Your requested content delivery powered by FeedBlitz, LLC, 9 Thoreau Way, Sudbury, MA 01776, USA. Pro Tools, on the hand, evolved out of Sound Tools, a primitive but pioneering sampling software created by DigiDesign way back in the 1980s. But it has since broken out of its old shell and new versions have added audio recording, precision mixing, VST capabilities. It has always had a huge lead over its competitors but these days there are some that offer many things even Pro Tools cannot pull off.
Pro Tools gives you loop-record functionality, you can setup a place to store all your takes, and all future takes will land up in the same place.
There is a Beta version available for OS X 10.8 onwards, but there are minor issues concerning stability. Moving sessions between Mac and PC is possible, but Pro Tools also works with projects created in other programs like Cubase and Logic. Use FL Studio if you want to compose electronic beats, play live or if you are a new user with a tiny budget. It is definitely worth considering particularly when everyone is charging a premium for bigger SSD on their tablet. As you have already noted, these aren’t particularly great for gaming but together with Intel HD Graphics should be sufficient to run games in low settings and XGA resolution. My grandfather says the red and black colors with a white insignia look ominously familiar.
With CS6, I was able to select an entity, or entities, within Acrobat, or select an entire page, to be edited in Illustrator and the edits saved back to the open PDF in Acrobat.
If I try to install previous version to DC then the installation terminates because I have the later version – any suggestions? This includes a full set of commenting tools to add sticky notes, highlight text, and use lines, shapes, and stamps on your PDFs. Type responses on your PDF, add your e-signature or initials, and send the form electronically. The thought of having to ask one of my young grandchildren for computer assistance is hardly an option. I have been experiencing a few unexpected shut downs of the program where i could not recover any unsaved documents.

My computer just crashed and I’m wondering if I can redownload to another computer or will I have to completely rebuy the disk set, I am so sick about this. 10 (as described in the article above), but no features taken away that that we’re aware of.
Both programs have evolved into versatile and full-fledged digital audio workstations capable of much more than just simple audio recording. The mixer offers good precision and excellent routing capabilities and leaves almost nothing to be desired. However, if you wish to have a respectable studio in operation, you might want to get your hands on nothing else but the HD version of Pro Tools 11. With different accessories from keyboard to docking station, the Venue 11 Pro already has an upper hand giving users the versatility and freedom of using the device as a tablet, a laptop or as a desktop. SSD prices have also come down and it would be cheaper to upgrade this yourself if you are fairly confident. The M-5Y71 is slightly disadvantaged because of the ultra low voltage design but do check out the 3DMark and Geekbench comparison charts. Kudos to your anlytical skills and spec by spec comparison that is missing in many other reviews that I read. However, we recommend getting a card from the official channel and have this installed by appointed centre. I didn’t have Acrobat XI Pro but in Acrobat X Pro, you could select vector and text (as well as raster) content and it could be sent out to Illustrator, edited, and brought back in as vector and text content. For instance where do I find the buttons to enable 2-page viewing (2 pages next to each other side-by-side) and the related options? I already created several projects and have been extremely happy with the whole workflow and the final output, but I finally ran into the 25 marker limit. If you would like to see a list of all my favorite DAW’s I suggest you look here first!
The beautiful interface, however, is somewhat still plagued by the heavy set design that is reminiscent of its older days. As a new comer, it is also able to integrate the 5th generation Intel Core M processor code named Broadwell instead of the 4th Generation Haswell chips seen in the Surface Pro 3 for better power management. I clicked the link and when the Adobe products come up… It doesn’t say Elements 11 as an option? Elements v7 did not have this 25 Marker limit, and I was wondering when Adobe changed Elements to the 25 Marker limit. Can you tell me how to recover my license code and where I can locate the version of PSE that I can download? 9?Free New Photoshop Elements 11 Tutorials: 3-Hour Video CoursePhotoshop Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11 are Out! One is make selective enhancements, choosing a bit of the portrait here and there to make highlights or shadows, only not on the whole picture. Specifically, do you know if version 9 had this 25 Marker limit – I have the opportunity to purchase a copy of v9 and would like to do so if it supports at least 99 Scene Markers.
And If you want to see some more head to head battles I suggest you check out the VS section to see some articles like fl studio vs logic or reaper vs pro tools! Do you know how many markers v9 supports; I cannot find any reference to maximum markers anywhere.
The likely tablet that most people will go for is the mid level Intel Core i5-4300U processor with Intel HD Graphics 4400. Still both displays have jammed enough pixels in there to make everything super crisp and sharp. The more memory there is the better the tablet is in handling large files and multitasking. Both Surface 3 and Venue 11 Pro 7000 series starting memory is 4GB which is pretty standard these days.
The tablet not only breaks the 7 hours mark compared to its predecessor but goes on par with Surface Pro 3 with an all day battery life of 9 hours. Attached an optional powered keyboard and you double the useful battery life to 18 hours. Instead of just a Mini DisplayPort on the Surface Pro 3, it comes with a micro HDMI port and supports Intel WiDi or Intel Wireless Display as well as Miracast that lets you share your screen to the big screen at High Definition. This is definitely a plus when you wish to share your video, movies, TV shows or photos on the big screen. Both Surface Pro 3 and Venue 11 Pro drew in the memory category as both offer the same memory sizes in their range. He has overseen many megabuck project deployments from Building Schools for Future to harnessing technology, improving sustainability and realising a performance framework for technology in school.And now, while every other so-called expert and consultant is plotting away on world domination, Sam is quietly working on helping each and every teacher, lecturer and trainer, one school at a time to make the most of Technology for Teaching to enrich every child’s learning experience.

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