Alltrade 940759 powerbuilt digital adaptor - Clearance centre find products quickly and easily! The accuracy in what percent of the range was one item that took me a while to put my head around. CDI Torque Wrenches (Maker of the Snap-on torque wrenches) can be purchased online for a great deal less than their Snap-On counterparts. Precision Instruments Split Beam (maker of the Snap-on Split-Beam specific wrenches) wrenches can be purchased online for a great price as well. GearWrench and KD Tools (divisions of Danaher Tool Group, who also make torque wrenches for Sears Craftsman) have well made torque wrenches for the money.  Torque wrenches are made in USA. Brown Line Metal Works BLD0212 Digital Torque Wrench is a new torque wrench that is the only digital wrench that fits within the budget.
Based on all the different ranges each torque wrench advertises, I decided to purchase two wrenches. Both the GearWrench and the CDI are both accurate and precise when I tested with my Digital Torque Adaptor, both clockwise and counter clockwise. If you have a Brown Line digital torque wrench, please leave a comment and tell me what you think of it. They worked well for the little things I’ve needed to torque down, but decided that they are not up to par for an engine rebuild. I prefer the beam style simply because they are very reliable, you can rely on the beam to be accurate every time and they typically never need calibrated.

Split-beam are less likely to ever need calibration, but one downside is they only torque clockwise. It is a new wrench from a new company, regardless I believe they have a pretty reliable design.  I talk further about this torque wrench at the bottom of this post.
I was unable to test the GearWrench beyond 147 ft lbs due to the limitation of the Digital Torque Adaptor. I tried to contact the manufacturer to see if someone sells the wrench locally and received no response. Essentially the BrownLine torque wrench is a beam-style wrench with a microprocessor that translates the beam measurement to digital. If you are on a budget like me, the CDI torque wrenches (which are essentially Snap-on torque wrenches without the logo on them) are a real bargain. Most of these new tools aren’t too expensive, such as a dead blow hammer and piston ring compressor.
The Adaptor can be used as a torque wrench, but it is better used as a way to test the calibration of your torque wrenches. If you want a torque wrench you never have to worry about calibrating or torquing counter clockwise, the Precision Instruments will fit the bill nicely. Because it is one of the best quality product with cheaper price than Snap-on torque products.
I took it over to a buddies place and we tested his torque wrenches (he had a small click-stop that measures in inches and a larger click-stop that measures in pounds, I believe both are from AutoZone).

The click-stop are the most popular, but their accuracy and precision is heavily focused on the manufacturer of the wrench.
Remember the beam style wrenches don’t go out of calibration unless the actual beam itself is broken. If you’re on a really tight budget, The GearWrench torque wrenches are the best value priced on the market. The split-beam are excellent wrenches as well that will not need calibration as often as a click-stop, but they only torque clockwise, which could be a problem depending on what you want to do. Essentially we learned that you want your hand exactly where the manufacturer tells you to hold it, and you want most of the force to be applied along your index finger and thumb so the force you apply is placed exactly where the torque wrench expects it. The beam style wrenches have special handles that pivot exactly where you want all the force to be applied, so there was no issue of hand misplacement like the click-stop type. The click-stop from Harbor Freight however, was not as accurate counter clockwise as it was clockwise. I suspect the lower range is not as accurate because of the low tension being applied to internal springs.
With this accuracy range in mind, it may be ideal to have multiple torque wrenches to cover specific ranges.

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