Finding SolutionsUnderstand the obstacles to achieving gender equality and women's empowerment and working together to identify means to overcome those challenges.
In 2013 and 2014, the Power of Empowered Women events successfully highlighted the transformative impact women can make in society, when they are able to fully exercise their human rights. Over the last twenty years, the international community has increasingly operationalized its commitment to ensuring that women are full partners in peace-making, peace-keeping, peace-building and development. The debates demonstrated that women are not passive actors nor merely victims of human rights violations.

Globally, positive strides have been made to understand the distinct contribution men and women can make in these domains, including the landmark work resulting from the Beijing Platform for Action and UN Security Council resolution 1325, as well as supporting resolutions on women, peace and security.
Building on these achievements, the 2015 event on the Power of Empowered Women focused on women’s positive leadership in the domain of peace and security. However, progress lags behind in several areas, not least in consistently ensuring women’s full and equal access to decision-making and resources to exercise their rights in situations of conflicts, instability and transition processes.
Yet, we know that when men and women participate in conflict management and peace-building on an equal footing, the result is more cohesive and resilient communities and societies that can maximize their sustainable development potential.

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