January 24, 2012 Brittany Bailey 25 Comments I am very excited to welcome Kristen from Pink Toes and Power Tools today! At Pink Toes and Power Tools, you will get DIY instruction and inspiration in home remodeling and decorating, with an emphasis on woodworking. I was a seasoned DIYer in sewing and interior painting prior to beginning my blog, but I was a complete newbie in woodworking. With the new year rolling over just recently, I made a resolution to get some organization back into some hidden areas of our home. I’ll give you the instructions using my dimensions a€” modify yours to work with your bins and cabinet space or to use up the scraps that you have available. The drawers do not slide perfectly–if you want drawers that do, you have got to get rigid bins with a decent lip on the side like I said before. Add a scrap wood bin with felt on the bottom for easy gliding so you can reach into the back recesses and you are good to go! It looks like I threw out a lot of stuff, but honestly what I got rid of would have fit in half of one of the plastic drawers. I’ve been meaning to make shelves for our vanities since we moved in at the end of June! So need these and believe I could make them BUT I don’t have the appropriate uniform!
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For tough cleaning tasks, like removing stains from concrete, or monster ones, like washing an entire house, elbow grease goes only so far. I am Kristen from Pink Toes and Power Tools and I am honored to be guest posting today here at PHG! Some of you may still think that I did and for that I thank you a€” that means somebody out there believes I’m just not this messy. This project cost me $4 because all I had to buy were the bins and I got 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree. I did this one by one using a bin to space them and make sure it didn’t bind at any point.
I think these would slide better if I had put them a little closer together, but I didn’t want to risk them binding.

This whole unit won’t fit in the cabinet wall to wall if it is all attached together.
Ok, maybe three-quarters of one if you count half empty boxes and miscellaneous plastic bags.
Those big cabinets under the sinks would be so much more useful if they all came like this. I already have the one I want picked out and just have been waiting for room in the budget to order it.
You would want to do that if your bins are wonky like mine, or you want the bin to not tilt forward as you pull it toward you to open it.
I just put one nail on each corner of the top and bottom at this point (makes it easier to square it up). Put it on its face, square it up, nail on the back, and add some more nails or screws to the top and bottom.

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