A huge innovation in tool design, separating the tool into two components, a “Controller” (Handle) and “ToolBod” (Tool body), reduced the space required to store each tool by approximately half.
Whistle Design Group is a practice member of the Design Institute of Australia, Australia’s professional membership body for designers and design businesses. Able Air Compressors and Power Tools have four conveniently located stores across Melbourne for tradesmen and handymen in all locations. Your 'ONE STOP' tool shop, Able Air Compressors & Power Tools supplies customers with a great range of versatile power tools, hand tools and compressors to suit almost any tradesmen or DIY handyman. Here at Able Air, we strive to create a friendly atmosphere for customer's aswell as supply them with the best quality tools from around the world.
For many woodworkers, the table saw is the one tool that gets the most use - I know that is true for me.
A problem with the Makita, when the blade was tipped to 45 degrees, the elevator crank was nearly touching the underside of the top, making it extremely inconvenient to raise or lower the blade. Only problem was that as soon as I took it out of the clamps, it started to bow upwards slightly.
I considered other options: solid wood (butcher block) and rejected that - I like the look in a kitchen, not on my table saw.
I mixed up a 30kg (66lb) bag of 3000psi concrete, added some black pigment and put it in the mold. I mixed some more pigment with straight portland cement and floated that on to fill the tiny holes. The ability to quickly and accurately crosscut larger panels has always been the task that a large radial arm saw would excel at, but who has one of those anymore? My main objective for the sliding table was to minimize lateral play to give an accurate cut, and the four drawer slides do this well.

The fence for the sliding table pivots on a point and clamps to the edge, to set it for any angle.
With the initial range comprising 6 AC and 2 DC tools plus controllers (handles) and chargers, the BluCave power tool range was an industry first in providing a common AC Controller (Handle) to suit multiple AC tools.
There is always a staff member on hand to help a customer with finding the right tool for their job. If you drop in to one of our four conveniently located stores across Melbourne you will not be dissapointed with the friendly service and fantastic prices of the best quality tools.
Asperiores enim perspiciatis veritatis doloribus expedita aperiam, vel ducimus nulla alias non eum iste voluptate at. Repellat iusto, itaque ipsam dignissimos explicabo minus rem beatae omnis nam aspernatur, ab impedit vero alias obcaecati sint recusandae ducimus? Having a good table saw makes all of the cutting tasks a little easier, especially if it has advanced features. It was a reasonably good saw, with the best part being the motor, but it had a few glaring shortcomings.
Holding the assembly rigidly during cuts is critical and I took no chances on the modifications being too weak.
In the picture I have just hosed it down - concrete will cure harder if it is kept wet during the first week or two.
After it had cured for nearly three weeks (on the saw by that time), I sprayed on two coats of water based polyurethane to seal the surface. I thought that an accurate sliding table would be a worthy addition to my table saw project. A better way to orient these would be vertically, rather than horizontally, but as can be seen in the picture, there is limited space between the motor and the sliding table.

With the slides flat and with the other support mechanisms in place (aluminum stiffening rails on the bottom of the sliding table between the drawer slides) , there is nearly zero vertical play at the blade, where the maximum support is.
This also benefited the consumer, retailer and distributor as it required less space to store and display. Unfortunately, good table saws with advanced features usually have a high price tag attached.
On top of this box is a plywood and oak frame that supports the motor assembly, sliding table and the top. Keeping costs low was one of the design criteria here, so the material would have to be economical. Orienting the slides this way also makes the whole assembly easy to disassemble for cleaning and lubrication. Any significant error would accumulate and show as a gap when all of the pieces are put together. Being frugal (cheap) and always up for a challenge, I went to work to build my own table saw. Having seen saws with granite tops, I thought that I could do something very similar: concrete. With the top down, it would be as smooth as the casting surface of the mold - in this case, very smooth, very flat.

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