When checking out the new Kobalt 18V impact wrench, I noted that there was no electronic brake.
It turns out that Kobalt went out and asked end-users and mechanics about what features they look for in an impact wrench, and that most were not concerned with whether there was an electronic brake or not. Related to my first point, it really looks to me that Kobalt cares about their customers’ needs. That said, there are some nice user-friendly features in both the corded and cordless tool product families. Let’s be honest, the new NiCad tools look bulky and unsightly, but this is mostly due to the monstrously large battery pack. I never lived in areas where tailgaiting was popular, and so my experience with beanbag toss games is limited to what I’ve seen on television. They added a couple ounces of rubber too, but it’s just playing to the laser-this laser-that marketing fad. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but the following conversation was about how they were highly selective with the features they built into the tools. Here's a question you may be asking yourself: "What is the difference between NiMH and NiCd. To tackle this question we have to look at the criteria for making the power tool battery decision. Read closely - your power as a consumer lies in your understanding of the products available! According to Building a Better Power-Tool Battery you should be looking at a battery's run time, life cycle, volts and amp-hour rating. The higher the Amp-Hour rating the longer the battery lasts - be aware that power tool batteries of the same voltage will often have different Amp-Hour ratings. I don't think I could define it better than wiki pedia: 'A nickel metal hydride battery, abbreviated NiMH, is a type of rechargeable battery similar to a nickel-cadmium (NiCd) battery but has a hydrogen-absorbing alloy for the anode instead of cadmium. According to Wiki pedia: the 'nickel-cadmium battery (commonly abbreviated NiCd and pronounced 'nye-cad') is a popular type of rechargeable battery for portable electronics and toys using the metals nickel (Ni) and cadmium (Cd) as the active chemicals.
The new comer to Hitachi power tool batteries, Lithium Ion are hot because they have 'one of the best energy-to-weight ratios, no memory effect and a slow loss of charge when not in use,' according to Wiki pedia. Plus you are certain to impress the guys at the big box tool depot when you display your knowledge about the different types of batteries and their different merits. Now you know what to look for - life cycles, run time, volts and Amp-Hours and you know the three major battery types. Buy cordless drills drivers by Panasonic, Bosch, Hitachi, Makita and Milwaukee at discount prices. Rapid Tool - Suppliers of Rebar Cutters, Rebar Benders, Rebar Tie Machines, Cordless Riveters and more.. As a company Rapid Tool implements strict quality controls and has warranties to support this. Here at Rapid Tool we are confident the product you purchase will add significant value to your business.
Service from people who understand the industryRapid Tool is founded and directed by construction engineers and managers.
The Rapid Tool RT-40 rebar tie machine has enabled my concreting business to tie steel in under half the time with no effort. Rapid Tool are proud to announce we are now the Exclusive International Agent for superior quality REO-MECH & RAPID TOOL AUSTRALIA Brand. Here at Rapid Tool, we know from experience that rebar bending can be very tricky without the right equipment.
Electric rebar benders are by far the easiest way of bending rebar, however contractors are still using a variety of manual rebar cutting and bending techniques.
Bolt cutters – While primarily used for cutting padlocks and chains, bolt cutters can also be handy when it comes to snapping of rebar.
Rebar Hickey – Because a rebar bender is not always available, bending them manually using rebar hickeys while rebar is secured is sometimes employed. Torching – As mentioned above, this method is not very cost effective but still gets the job done.

The manual method of bending rebar may be used to do the job in cases where a rebar bender is unavailable, however using a dedicated cordless, electric, or industrial rebar bender is much more cost-effective and rewarding for the contractor as well as for the customer.  These dedicated tools provide significant time and cost savings through power and efficiency. An Industrial Rebar Bender can be used for longer times without the contractor worrying about overheating and over-usage. An Industrial Rebar Bender and Cutter  has a maximum bending capacity of 25mm and cutting capacity of 25mm. Budget constraints may have held you back from purchasing an electric rebar bender in the past, meaning you’ve had to get the job done manually.
In the old days, cordless power tools were just too heavy and could only be used for short periods of time.
Using a cordless rebar cutter, a person no longer needs to hunt around for electrical outlets, trip on electrical wires, or have to be restricted to a certain area just to do the job.
The cordless rebar cutter is powered by a lithium-ion battery which offers the best energy-to-weight ratio and has a slower charging loss when not in use as compared to its NiCad counterparts.
Another advantage of a Li-Ion-powered cordless rebar cutter vs its NiCad powered counterparts is that Li-Ion power tools do not experience a dip in performance near the end of its battery discharge cycle. In terms of safety, battery powered rebar cutting machines have the huge advantage of being cordless.
Another safety concern is accidentally cutting a cord while working on a job; or a worker having to maneuver with a cord always in the way. Cordless rebar cutters offer a very unique advantage of being portable and can be carried anywhere. In addition to a lot of technical details about the tools, we learned a few things about Kobalt’s design practices and philosophies that are definitely worth mentioning. In regard to DIY tools, or even tools meant for professional use, that means we often look for the most features, best technical specs, and highest performance. So, Kobalt engineers designed the tool without one, reducing complexity and saving on production costs. To provide what looked and felt to be solidly-built tools at a more homeowner and beginner DIY-friendly pricepoint, Kobalt left a few advanced features out of their 18V NiCad tool kit.
I handled it a bit, and when checking to locate its center of mass and balance, I was pleased to find it towards the top of the handle close to the trigger. While this sounds obvious, I have found that tools that look bulky and imbalanced often are.
I think I played the game once or twice before at a carnival, but don’t really remember. At the media event, I picked up the impact, tried it out on some lug nuts, and then examined it. And then bring Lithium Ion into the equation to round out the choices when you're next making a power tool purchase decision.
Clearly there are many different options, and many different pluses and minuses for each battery type. I hope that with that information you'll be better equipped to make the decision between a NiCD, NiMH or Li-Ion battery!
Before you even press the trigger, you'll love how this tool fits in your hand, how well-balanced it is. People are wondering what's better for their needs, a cordless impact driver or a cordless drill. As a Project Manager and Construction Engineer I realise the importance of maximising efficiency and production on the construction site through having the right tools and equipment.
With a growing network of global distributors, we build quality, lasting relationships within the International Construction Industry. Our day to day service staff have extensive experience within the construction industry and are still actively employed in construction roles.
As an owner builder doing a very unique project home we have used the RT-40 for the floor slab, retaining walls and wall panels. REO-MECH supply industry leading Rebar Cutters & Rebar Benders whilst RAPID TOOL supply industry leading Rebar Tying Machines. However, because the steel reinforcing is made to be durable, it can be a challenge to do it quickly and cleanly.

With its maximum  bending capacity of 32mm and bending Angle of 0-180°, this equipment cuts cost and time in the long run because it can easily cut differently-sized rebar in less time and is very accurate.  This is especially useful for large-scale tasks. This a great option if a contractor wants to work on rebar bending and cutting without worrying about losing charge while working on a task.
However, when it comes to rebar bending, nothing compares in terms of their safety, reliability, quality, consistency, and accuracy. However, advances in battery technology have given tools like the cordless rebar cutting machine the power to cut with as much efficiency as its electrically powered counterparts.
The cordless rebar cutting machine offers convenience and power that is small enough to carry around anywhere, but is powerful enough to pull off the most grueling of tasks.
A typical Li-Ion battery, when not in use, self-discharges at a rate of 1.25% to 5% per month which is significantly lower than the 10% to 30% self-discharge of a NiCad power tool.
This tool offers the same consistent level of performance whether it has been recently charged or is nearing its discharge cycle. Because not all jobs can be done near a wall socket, using power tools with cords could mean having to use extension cables.
Playing a little bit at the Kobalt media event, or at least trying to play, I realized it’s not a game I am at all good at.
LiIon you're not alone - there are thousands of DIY home improvement types out there wondering the same thing as you, and wondering how to make the best decisions for their next power tool purchase.
That's why it's imperative that you come to your purchase prepared with knowledge that will help you make the right decision for your situation. Shop Skil Cordless Drills – CPO Skil is your source for the largest selection of Skil Cordless Drills 1312 items.
It was then I decided local communities need a brand they can trust, a brand that made new technologies affordable and available locally - this was the birth of Rapid Tool. Rapid Tool is about efficiency, innovation and quality and more importantly providing local communities with that competitive edge. For example, our range of rebar cutters and tie wire machines are sold through Australia's largest and most well respected reinforcing distributors. We are also heavily involved in the manufacturing process and have international agents that carry out quality checks as required. We pride ourselves as a one stop shop for all of your quality rebar machinery. Please contact us now for any queries related to REO-MECH or RAPID TOOL AUSTRALIA products.
For lightweight options, contractors can use the Electric Rebar Bender 16mm which weighs only 15kg and with bending capacity of 4-16MM and bending angle of 0-130°. A single charge is enough to complete up 100 cuts on 12mm rebar before being recharged again.
Having those wires trailing all over the workplace is a hazard to everyone, especially in high traffic areas.
And because it is cordless, a worker can access areas that would have been impossible or very difficult for corded tools to work on. Torque, Model# BHP454 Impact Driver Reviews – An impact driver delivers 3-4 times more torque than a standard cordless drill, allowing you to easily drive large lag bolts and screws. Being privately owned and operated means we not only pride ourselves with having significant experience in the construction industry but also with having local knowledge and a large network of respected contacts in the industry.
Here at Rapid Tool we pride ourselves with supplying superior quality products and will continue to ensure this is maintained.Specialist toolsOur primary focus here at Rapid Tool is to make the newest and most innovative concrete construction products available and affordable to local communities. Workmen often lose time putting up warning signs and safety covers in walkways–time that could have been spent working on the project. But the Kobalt team members are insanely good cornhole toss players, with the exception of a few of them (who were still more skilled than I). We are constantly researching and attending global conventions to ensure we lead the market in innovation and technology.
If Rapid Tool does not appear to stock a tool you deem to fit this category, please let us know and chances are through our global contacts and quality systems we can help.

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