He probably just got his info from a friend who was in Europe or some other country and because of the timezone difference, the fight had already occurred there. Took me forever with a ton of planning, generators, and material grinding but I am proud of the result. I'm on PC so I used console commands to get enough nuclear material for the large generators.
The new Bernie Sanders proposed tax brackets compared to 2015 rates, taken from the campaign's recently-released Medicare For All plan.
I just started playing tonight and it seems like such a freaking chore to learn what to use all of those different switches for.

I couldn't even figure out how to wire a generator to a hanging light bulb, and there appears to be no information telling you how to do all that.
I had to end up cutting power to two different terminals one 1 second switch loops and hope that it would time out correctly. You need to put either a little electrical relay or power pylon close enough to the bulbs and then power the relay or pylon.

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