Here at ITS, 2013 has been a busy year, it was our first full year operating from our new distribution centre and surprisingly we have already filled up most of our warehouse space, due to adding new brands and new product ranges as our catalogue continues to expand.
Starting on Boxing day we will be holding our first ever 6 day online clearance event, we will be discounting power tools, hand tools, accessories and more by up to 75% – Our main aim is to get some warehouse space back as soon as possible so these items are going at unbelievable prices.
Remember though that these items are clearance stock which means that once they are gone we can’t order more in. This event is exclusively online so therefore the stock will not be available in store, you are however welcome to call up and order something you have seen on the website but remember to be quick. The contractors and builders population across the globe have increasing demands when it comes to power tools.
Panasonic Cordless Power Tools provide satisfaction to what the professionals worldwide are seeking for.
The high torque in Panasonic Cordless Power Tools is suitable lag screw tightening and lag screw attachment.
Terms and ConditionsWe will endeavor to reply all communications within 24 Hours and Guarantee to reply within 1 Working day.
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Arriving to Self Trading a great range of tools and accessories, everything you could possible ever need for your tool shed or industrial needs! Within this great consignment you will find screwdrivers, drills, carbide inserts, routers, allen keys, grinding discs, spade drills, rubber rings, spanners, sockets and much more. The product displayed or similar is available wholesale or through our drop shipping programme please call 01202 729996 or click HERE for further information. We’ve identified all the products that are no longer in our catalogue – they all need to go and they are going cheap. Largely these are popular lines that have just missed out on getting into the catalogue because of low stock numbers. So if you spot a great deal (which you will) then make sure you hit the buy button asap so you won’t be disappointed. But majority say nothing is comparable to the capacities of Panasonic Cordless Power Tools that adhere to four characteristics: ergonomic form, strength, lightweight and cordless feature. The inverter charger technology utilized in its Ni-MH battery charging system permits longer battery life and speedy time for recharging. When it comes to speed and strength, Panasonic Cordless Power Tools are quick and tough because it generates 867 inch-pounds of torque and 3,000bpm along with a speed of 2,800 rpm.

Their battery can be charge wholly in 45 minutes which in turn saves time and increases productivity. Is the sale of similar goods on the Internet leaving you with a stock room full of goods that you cannot sell? These tools are motorized with built-in cooling fans, anti-heat brushes and high-power magnets. With the four qualities that Panasonic Cordless power tools possess, it isn’t a surprise why many professionals are using them. Then why not contact a member of the Self Trading Team and see if we can turn your problem into a solution!

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