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I was used to the old style Ni-Cad battery that I could run until the drill would just barely spin, even when not driving in a screw. Another interesting fact to note is that Ni-Cad cells can output more amps safely than Li-Ion cells in general.

I charged the battery pack fully in the Ridgid charger, and then tested each set of two cells for voltage. In order to test the charger's ability to balance, I had to open up another battery: the smaller 'starter kit' battery that commonly comes with a tool purchase.
In the image above, I have isolated a cell and set my hobby charger to discharge it to 3.0 volts. As before, the voltages are low, indicating that the Hitachi drill battery is not getting topped off.

After fulling charging each cell on my hobby charger to find the mAh levels, I calculated an extra 3-10 minutes of runtime for this small battery (depending on usage and tool) if it was completely full!

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