I should add one more caution: if you put a feed base on a bolted on table extension, you will likely break the extension.
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For the price of $100,420, you could be the proud owner of the Sea Shadow prototype stealth ship. The auction only has five days left, a reserve of $10,000, and a top bid placed just this past Friday of $100,420. In addition to the sky-high asking price and needing to take possession of both Seas Shadow and the HMB-1 simultaneously, the terms of the deal require that the winner of the auction completely dismantle the Sea Shadow for scrap. The Sea Shadow was built by Lockheed Martin and DARPA in 1985 to test stealth concepts on naval craft and ship automation.
The comparisons between it and the angular design of the Lockheed F-117 stealth fighter are immediate to the eye, and the Sea Shadow was built only four years after the aircraft’s first flight.

The Sea Shadow has been paired with the HMB-1 since its inception, and the floating drydock has continued to house the craft after it was removed from service in 2006. Since then, the pair have been quietly rusting in the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet, with the hopes that an interested museum would want to take on the strange vessel. A completely submersible drydock barge, it was built to work in conjunction with the Glomar Explorer as part of an elaborate CIA effort to raise the Soviet submarine K-129 called project Azorian.
Built by eccentric mogol Howard Hughes, the barge featured a retractable roof and was meant to fit beneath the Glomar where a large mechanical arm would descend to the ocean floor and pluck the submarine from the depths. Though operation Azorian was only partially successful, HMB-1 found new life as the perfect way to develop and test the Sea Shadow away from prying eyes.
And if all that isn’t enough, the Sea Shadow inspired the ship used in Tomorrow Never Dies. Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications. The more information you provide with your question, the better your chances are of receiving responses. DISMANTILING IS DEFINED AS REDUCING THE PROPERTY SUCH AS IT HAS NO VALUE EXCEPT FOR ITS BASIC MATERIAL CONTENT.

Has worked well for a long time but you can see part of the straight-line-rip-saw in the background that took over the functions of this saw. Will it just sit in a workshop where you bring the wood to the table or are you going to be taking the saw to the wood, where ever that might be? Most people get hurt with a table saw because the rip fence wasn’t adjusted right, which can cause kick backs. The arm is supported while turning on a ring bolted below; it that can be adjusted up and down as needed for clearance over the saw table. Some other manufacturers have chintzy rip fences and it can become a real pain when making a cut.

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