The incredibly destructive effects that coal plants cause to our natural environment are well documented and known, but 50,000 plants still operate the world over every day to power the planet, as green technology has not evolved to a point where they generate enough energy to replace fossil fuel processes. The skyscraper coal cleansers are comprised of three long, tubular legs that join are built around the existing factory’s chimneys and meet high in the air to share a bio-filtering area that also has balloons to capture and hold waste particles. The mesh that holds the skyscraper together is covered by a lightweight skin, a waterproof elastomer that isolates the gasses and vapors that are produced in the factory. A team of scientists have used the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on NASA's Aura satellite to confirm major reductions in the levels of a key air pollutant generated by coal power plants in the eastern United States. The scientists, led by an Environment Canada researcher, have shown that sulfur dioxide levels in the vicinity of major coal power plants have fallen by nearly half since 2005. These maps show average sulfur dioxide levels measured by the Aura satellite for the periods 2005-2007 (top) and 2008-2010 (bottom) over a portion of the eastern United States. The scientists attribute the decline in sulfur dioxide to the Clean Air Interstate Rule, a rule passed by the U.S. While scientists have used the Ozone Monitoring Instrument to observe sulfur dioxide levels within large plumes of volcanic ash and over heavily polluted parts of China in the past, this is the first time they have observed such subtle details over the United States, a region of the world that in comparison to fast-growing parts of Asia now has relatively modest sulfur dioxide emissions.
Vitali Fioletov, a scientist based in Toronto at Environment Canada, and his colleagues developed a new mathematical approach that made the improved measurements a reality.
The technique allowed Fioletov and his colleagues to pinpoint the sulfur dioxide signals from the 40 largest sulfur dioxide sources in the United States -- generally coal power plants that emit more than 70 kilotons of sulfur dioxide per year.
The researchers focused their analysis on the United States to take advantage of the presence of a robust network of ground-based instruments that monitor sulfur dioxide emissions inside power plant smokestacks.
OMI, a Dutch and Finnish built instrument, was launched in 2004, as one of four instruments on the NASA Aura satellite, and can measure sulfur dioxide more accurately than any satellite instrument flown to date. Graphic design combines art and text that communicates a message that is straight forward to understand.
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Business Icons for Vista is a ready-made design solution, which is well suited for a number of business websites and applications.
The Small Online Icons is a great set of icons that will help you change the appearance of your site. Founder of ACORN, Chief Organizer at ACORN International, Author of Citizen Wealth, Global Grassroots and The Battle for the 9th Ward. New York City      The first day of the annual Energy Finance conference convened in New York University’s Law School buildings on Washington Square by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis was – believe it or not – fascinating.  Not only did I get to catch up with Daniele Pommes and his No Al Carbone campaign around coal-fired plants in Brindi, Italy, but also with a lot of other campaigns, old and new, around coal operations in the USA and elsewhere around the world. None of that was really the subject at hand on the first day of the conference though.  Tom Sanzillo, the IEEFA finance director, had brought in some financial hotshots including Dr.
A number of speakers argued that the impact of just the USA-China agreement that President Obama announced as a commitment that both would cut down their carbon emissions by 50% was sufficient enough already to indicate that CO2 emissions would not get worse. Listening to the mega-domes talk about the lowering cost of renewables like wind and sun, the problems of pipelines, the low cost of liquid natural gas, the refining of byproducts, there almost seemed to be hope, if you believed the experts that capitalism might save the world yet for our grandchildren regardless of what we all might have thought as we’ve fought the son of a gun utilities on these issues for the last more than 40 years. A number of questioners tried to ask the experts how they would place a financial “market” value on the fights they had waged to stop plants in their towns.  Sanzillo was clear that the campaigns were central, even if there was no easy way to put a number to it.
Having been in these fights over five decades, many of us could have assured the questioners that price is just one part of the puzzle, because it has been boots on the ground and voices raised that have potentially put is in the winning column against coal way more than the magic of capital markets and supply and demand.   Breathing and living on the planet turns out to be a huge value added, no matter how the numbers shake out.
This entry was posted in ACORN and tagged Coal, energy finance conference, Fuel, Tom Sanzillo, utilities by Wade. The “Coal Power Plant Mutation” project is a proposal for coal factory addendum, a skyscraper built over an existing factory that can reduce the amounts of harmful waste that spew from their chimney stacks while we wait for green technologies to take over.
The structure is made out from multiple carbon-fiber steel props that are held together by a carbon-fiber steel mesh; the props are anchored in the existing foundation of the power plant. Most power plants are located close to cities; the LED lights shine vertical patterns to make people aware of their power demands and what these imply. The pollutant, sulfur dioxide, contributes to the formation of acid rain and can cause serious health problems. The new findings, the first satellite observations of this type, confirm ground-based measurements of declining sulfur dioxide levels and demonstrate that scientists can potentially measure levels of harmful emissions throughout the world, even in places where ground monitoring is not extensive or does not exist.
The black dots represent the locations of many of the nation's top sulfur dioxide emissions sources.

Environmental Protection Agency in 2005 that called for deep cuts in sulfur dioxide emissions. The approach centers on averaging measurements within a 30 miles radius (50 km) of a sulfur dioxide source over several years. The scientists observed major declines in sulfur dioxide emissions from power plants in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia by comparing levels of the pollutant for an average of the period 2005 to 2007 with another average from 2008 to 2010.
The ground-based instruments have logged a 46 percent decline in sulfur dioxide levels since 2005 -- a finding consistent with the 40 percent reduction observed by OMI.
Though OMI remains in very good condition and scientists expect it to continue producing high-quality data for many years, the researchers also hope to use data from an upcoming Dutch-built OMI follow-on instrument called TROPOMI that is expected to launch on a European Space Agency satellite in 2014. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), requiring 27 states to significantly reduce power plant emissions that contribute to ozone and fine particle pollution in other states. All the images are available in a variety of states, color schemes, sizes and file formats. Tony Yuen from Citigroup and Julien Dumoulin-Smith from UBS Investment Research specializing in energy markets, as well as Tim Buckley, now with IEEFA and formerly an investment banker from Sydney, Australia to talk about what was really happening in coal markets, and it added up to an amazing immersion course over several hours in high line energy economics.
The chimneys rise 1,000 meters in the air; as the smokestack pollution rises through the tall skyscraper chimneys, tubes with various types of air filters with various densities are placed at different heights. In response to that rule, many power plants in the United States have installed desulfurization devices and taken other steps that limit the release of sulfur dioxide.
Levels of the pollutant have dropped by about 75 percent since the 1980s due largely to the passage of the Clean Air Act. The lower filters for carbon dioxide exhaustion use synthetic carbon fixation techniques, while filters located higher in the chimneys are bio-filters. The rule put a cap on emissions, but left it up to power companies to determine how to reduce emissions and allowed companies to trade pollution credits. A December 2008 court decision kept the requirements of CAIR in place temporarily but directed EPA to issue a new rule to implement Clean Air Act requirements concerning the transport of air pollution across state boundaries.
The vapors condensate on them, and the resulting water is gathered and distributed back at the base.

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