Portable grinders with Type 27 depressed-center wheels are among the power tools used in metal fabricating.
20 hours of actual use or once per week, whichever comes first, and after any tool maintenance or repair. The answers to these questions were taken from a combination of sources, such as ANSI B7.1, OSHA, and industry best practices. For additional information on this topic or if you need any other abrasive safety information, please review ANSI, OSHA, and all literature provided by the coated abrasive and machine manufacturer.
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The greatest hazards posed by hand tools results from misuse and improper maintenance. Pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air and include chippers, drills, hammers and sanders.
The following test is designed to assess your knowledge of depressed-center grinding wheel safety. Depending on the thickness and application of the wheel, it may be used at a 30-degree or 90-degree angle as indicated by icons on the wheel.
Properly stored grinding wheels should be used within two years of their date of manufacture. If the tool does not have a wheel guard and one is not supplied by the tool manufacturer, then none is required. If a grinding wheel has an RPM rating of 6,600, what is the maximum RPM rating of the tool it can be used on? It’s common knowledge that these wheels are tested at 1.5 times their rated speed, so as long as the tool’s speed rating is below 9,900 RPM it is safe.

Side handles help you control the tool and make grinding more comfortable, but they are not required and have no safety value. Gently tap the wheel with a light, nonmetallic implement, such as the handle of a screw driver.
How often does ANSI B7.1 recommend that the speed of pneumatic (air driven), portable, governor-controlled, vertical and angle grinders be checked? Wheels should not be stored where they are exposed to water or other solvents; in any temperature or humidity condition that causes condensation on the wheels, and freezing temperatures.
Wheels should not be stored where they are exposed to water and freezing temperatures only.
Faceshield, eye protection, dust protection (when needed), hearing protection, gloves, apron, safety shoes and long pants.

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