Allows the user to choose whether or not Robomow will operate when sensing rain or High humidity.
This is a safety feature to help prevent children or others not familiar with the safe operation of Robomow from operating it freely. Robomow blade stops rotating immedialtey if it is lifted from the ground or tilted to a vertical position.
With the strongest steel blade and the widest cutting surface, Robomow can easily manage the first cut of the season. Robomow is built in a way that allows you easy servicing and part replacement without professional help.
Allows you to communicate and stay connnected with your Robomow from anywhere in the world.

Use ECO (Economic) option to operate Robomow with the minimum energy needed for cutting the grass and maintaining the lawn. Although Robomow is very powerful, it is also very quiet and allows to enjoy your lawn even when Robomow is mowing. Robomow is the only robotic mower with blades that cut outside the wheels and a unique Edge mode, which enables it to follow the perimeter wire for complete coverage of the lawn edges. Robomow’s Remote Control is used for cutting small patches of grass that cannot be reached in automatic operation.
Call us on 03-9720-3922 for more information or pop in to inspect the machine at your convenience.
We pride ourselves in being leading industry experts with a 30-year history in manufacturing and supplying quality hand and power tools.

Robomow independently departs from the Base Station, cuts the lawn and returns for charging until the next operation. Spec's as follows 90°= 100mm, 45°= 90mm, Square 90°= 82mm 45°= 75mm, Rectangular 90°= 110mm x 70mm 45°= 85mm x 70mm, comes with coolant system.
Fitted with all the technological advantages and features available for the smaller garden, your lawn will never look better!

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